Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random shit

Just read this article about astrologists discovering a planet which is might be habitable. Read the post here,

After reading it, I just had this thought that we are not originally from this planet earth. Possibly, the first generation on earth migrated from their planet as well. They came here with their knowledge and logic about their previous planet and found that they cant apply any of them here on earth and became insane or died because they cant accept the logic of this planet, earth. They remaining ones resort to their primal instincts and forgot about reason. They lived like that for awhile and that was when they start to understand the planet earth little by little, discovering fire, steam engine, so on so forth until today. Now that the human race has achieved knowledge and exploited the earth, the planet earth is dying and probably someday not suitable anymore to be lived in. Then we go in search of another planet like earth. One day we might go there and so, repeat what we have done here on earth.

This shit can be made into a movie! Steven Spielberg! It's your queue!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Start of my last two trimester

This is the first week of my 2nd trimester for my final year and I am already feeling packed. Its like opening a door to another room but that room is filled with water and the water just washes you away.

Anyway, got my final year project title already. I am supposed to make a cyclone dust separator simulation. Was really in a dilemma when I wanted to choose between this (pure simulation work) and making a trebuchet (pure mechanical). I chose simulation instead because I will be able to learn in depth on ANSYS software will I will be using. My uncle did told me the other day as well that engineering has gone in to the stage where everything is done using simulation. So, I believe I better start practicing first eventhough I rather do prototyping.

Training was a bliss. Somehow I am lucky to be accepted into such a wonderful company, OYL R&D. Very well organized and communication between all departments and sections is good. I wonder if I will go there again but definitely this is going to be my standard I will be looking for when I come out and work.

Someone once told me...

Knowledge is obtained through your own effort and hard work. Keep it up!

"A's" are for God, "B's" are for lecturers, "C's" are for students and "F's" are for animals.

A good leader will always be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave.

Try to smile no matter what, cause you never know when your smile could lighten up someone's day as well as it will lighten up mine.

There are two types of leader, "THE EFFECTIVE - result based without considering the procedure" and "THE EFFICIENT - procedure based without considering the results"

Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal

Original version
"If it doesn't kills you, it will only make you stronger"
My version
"CHARGE!!! unless you are dead..."

The medium of transfer is not what matters, it's the value of the content!

This is what I told myself: Bullshit lecturer + Insufficient notes = YOU ARE SCREWED!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you (referring to the whole class) all the luck in your future -Dr Nabil

Share knowledge because it multiplies, dont share money because it divides.

There is time to have fun and there is time to study

Put all your eggs into one basket and watch it

Always ask yourself, "what happened? what actually happened?" - Kok Lin