Thursday, December 23, 2010

Engineering...busy course

Recently, I joined this even called, "Can You Talk?". The reason is to of course improve my presentation and communication skills. Of course, I would not just simply join an event like this but Siraj (my orientation committee MC) was part of the organizing committee and he is a great MC. So, I decided why not...It was interesting minus the lectures on communications. There I even got to practice being an MC in front of the other contestants of course with a given situation. I did pretty well I guess. The only thing I actually want to improve is to take notice of my audience instead of ignoring them.

Back in secondary school, one of my seniors gave me an advice to ignore the crowd, sort of like look pass through them, then you wont be afraid. Since then, it has become a habit that I dont look into my audiences' eyes and just ignored them. However, I think to be a perfect presenter, you must take notice of your audiences' facial expression in order to change your presentation style according to them, in other words, a dynamic presenter. The advice they gave me was, why must you be afraid? what is the reason to be afraid? then once you know that there is nothing to be afraid of, then you wont be afraid anymore.

After the one day training camp, I felt more confident already. Even after 3 years presenting in MMU, I still get shaky legs when I talk in front of a crowd. Then, there was a competition. First part is to choose whether to be an MC for a formal event or an informal event, or choose to broadcast (like those in supermarket telling you there is a sale) or choose to be a tv host where you have to interview someone. I chose to be an informal MC because I tried formal MC back in the training camp already. So, I wanted something different and formal MC is quite fixed the things you have to do. The most exciting part is, my exam and the competition is just an hour away. So, I did my part and went for my exam and came back to continue the second part of the competition. For the second part of the competition, we have to do a public speaking. I got this super lame title which is, "plants have feelings too"...we were given 5 minutes and I used like 2 minutes to explain the various possibilities that plants might have feelings all the time thinking, "what the hell?! plants dont have feelings". When I stopped the judges was like, "that's it???". I told them that I dont have anything else to say and it is against my belief that plants have feelings. Then they asked me to tell them why. So, I continued with plants got no soul etc.

In the end, I did not win the competition but I got to know from the judges that I got number 3 and I am the best informal MC among the rest. HUAHAHAHA. Proud like hell.

Now I get to my title. Comparing to business or whatever, I feel that Engineering students has the least time to hang around and join clubs and societies without compromising their studies. Why? I will tell you why. Long sem, Engineering students, max 6 subjects. For the six subjects 5 subjects got lab (like what I am having now). Taking an average of 2 lab sessions per subject, that makes each subject 6 hours of lab session. 6 times 5 equals an additional 30 hours per semester for engineering. To add to it, 5 subjects times 2 lab sessions each equals 10 lab sessions. 10 lab sessions equals 10 lab reports. Add with assignments for each subject, midterm for each subject, where got time left to spend on club activities or join events....after whole day in campus, come back to have some personal time, then sleep. To make it worse, the assignments dont promote socializing unless of course if you are asking for answers from your coursemates.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old man versus young boy

Today, I did a very random thing. I went in the lift in my faculty building to go to the third floor to submit my lab report (I seldom take the lift coz I hate the confined space and also to use reduce unnecessary waste of electric). I was alone at that time and when the lift door closes, a sudden thought strike me, the lift will be going up so it actually looks like I am flying if I imagine the lift was not there. Spontaneously I posed like superman with my right clenched fist stretched fully and my left fist to the side of my waist and at the same time the lift started moving. I felt so happy that time like a small kid in his own imaginary world flying like superman and that made me smile. When the lift stopped moving however, I ditched the pose and coolly walked out of the lift.

If someone would have seen me they might think I am crazy/weird/childish/etc. If I was a kid, they might think this kid is cheerful/imaginative/cute/etc. So different an assumption can be made from the same act. As we grow up we constantly add an anchor to ourselves restricting us from doing this and that, even the small silly but harmless things that puts a smile on our face.

Note: Used to run as fast as possible with the superman pose and feel the wind blowing at my face. Felt so good. Havent been running at top speed and feeling the air on my face for a very long time. Maybe this midterm break I will do it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some stuff I read in the library

The other day, in between classes, I hanged out in the library and picked up a book to read. The book was something about health stuff. Then I got to a page that tells me I should not do any work or basically stress myself just before sleeping so that I will get a good night's rest. It recommended me to read a book maybe, something relaxing before going to bed.

Well, last night I read the collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures. This particular story is about how a step father killed his step daughter so that he can keep his wealth. After that, I went to bed. Guess what? I HAD A NIGHTMARE! hahaha...

It started off with me sleeping, then someone practically threw a bunch of pillows and bolsters on my head and tried to suffocate me with them. As, I was not moving, the person might have thought I was dead so went off. After awhile, I pushed away the pillows and bolsters and find myself in my parents bedroom back in Kajang. Not finding anyone else in the bedroom, I ran towards my elder brother's room to find my father and mother sleeping. I tried to wake my father up and tell him about the person trying to suffocate me and at that moment, a glow of light appeared at the door of the bedroom. Then a figure appeared, it was an old lady, very old with wrinkles all around her face holding a candle light. She saw me and went, "Ooppss...." and smiled creepily. I was stunned and that image stuck there for awhile then I woke up and the first thing I saw was the curtain with some light shining on it from the opposite apartment. The curtain resembled the old lady with the candle. I dared not move for awhile. Suddenly I had the urge to pee because the night was cold but I still kept my position without moving a muscle and when my roommate shifted in his bed that I dared to move and took a look at my handphone beside me. It was just 2 am in the morning. I quickly went to the bathroom and peed then quickly went back to bed.

That nightmare was so so freaky that I am having goosebumps just trying to remember and type this post. HOly shiet...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random words + Chuck + Jay Chou

The dead walls I pondered upon
Chest pressing tightly against my knees
Through every limbs the shiver ran wildly
Distant light shot through the darkness
Killing the cold air with a rush of comfort
The walls were once again alive.


Today, I am damn lazy to do any studying so instead I caught up with my "Chuck". It is now into the forth season with new enemy volkram or something like that, which has something to do with his mother, a new BUYMORE, still tackling lies about the spy thingy with his now pregnant sister, and trying to communicate more effectively with Sarah, his super spy girlfriend.


Also, today I tried singing some of Jay Chou's songs by finding the pinyin for the songs and his songs I must admit, are not easy to sing. After about 3-4 songs, my throat kind of hurts probably because I strained it too much. But, I still continued with a flatter tone of course, had to take it easy. Then, it occured to me, what do these songs of his means? After I found the translated versions of the songs, I was impressed. The songs are very meaningful, not your typical "I miss you", "I love you", "I want you back" kind of lyrics. I was speechless at how he showed his feelings in the lyrics. WOO~~

Okay...raining now. SLEEP!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Entering the second half of my degree

Now, I am in the second semester, 3rd year of my degree. When start to count, there is one, two, three, four more semester (not including this one) till I graduate. The first thing I realised is that, I am a bit bored of studying already. Every semester, taking in new stuff, assignment, final exam, then new semester again. All this repetition is boring me and wearing me out. Probably everything will change when I go for my Industrial Training in June 2011. After that, I will either have refresh myself and will again enjoy studying, or probably suer sick of studying and want to get right to inventing or making something or maybe just maintain something, whatever an engineer does.

So this semester, after all those people left, I feel quite free. So, I decided to continue learning Japanese language and enrolled myself in a Japanese language class. Funny though when I entered the class, only four people enrolled in the class. At the end of the class, then only I realised there is another class and I was supposed to join that class because I had basics already which I picked up last semester from my foreign language subject. But nevermind, because I found myself a new mission now! due to the class that I joined. I hope everything goes well. I need to act fast! My reaction is always slow...haih

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling a bit sad =(

New semester. After 2 weeks of no proper sleep eventhough it was the holidays thanks to fluid dynamics, I am back in Malacca!

This semester however, it's going to be quite quiet coz basically, I am the only one of the A-03-08 that have not go to work. Everyone has gone and experience the working life. Makes me want to go to work too...They say enjoy your University life while you are still studying but I feel a bit left out here. Maybe after finding a new group of gang then I might overcome this. Seriously miss them, the noisiness and the laughters.

So, this semester I got a new roommate. My previous roommate Jackson has just joined the working community and my new roommate, his name is Jackson as well. What a coincidence eh...The main differences is that, he dont play basketball and he dont play DoTA. Maybe I can concentrate studying more now, who knows. Talking about this, this is my the 1...2...3...4...5...6th roommate in my three years of studies. It's hard tuning yourself so that you dont become a nuisance to your roommate. This is the 6th time I am going to tune myself. Hopefully, wont change again, but I have a feeling maybe I will have to again. It's just a hunch.

Starting the new semester with this song,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nearly broke my toes

Before last week, the last time I played basketball was more than a month ago. Yesterday, I woke up sort of late for basketball with my friends. So I rushed and forgot my shoes.

While playing, I wanted to block this guy's shot. Rarely, I found such a nice opportunity to block people, so I rushed in and smacked the ball. For his shot attempt, he jumped forward towards me. So, I jumped backwards to block his shot. The guy did not release the ball and continue to hold it in his hands which caused my whole body to sort of rotate towards being horizontal in mid-air. Then, I landed with only my left leg in the position shown below and my right leg stretched in front of me.

No other body part was in contact with the ground so that all my weight is supported only by my left leg. Fortunately, there is a moment (spinning action) still acting on my body which made my upper body lean towards the back. Feeling that my left leg is compressed to the maximum, my stomach muscle loosened and allow my body to lean to the back. Once my upper body nearly touched the floor, my right hand auto reacted by smacking the palm of my hand on the ground and my whole body came to equilibrium. It's like in the kungfu movies where the kungfu guy smackes the ground to bounce himself up again when falling just that I did not bounce up back. After that, I felt the joint in my toes aching but I still continued to play on. Adrenalin is a good thing; it makes you pain when supposingly you should be hurting like hell. Same thing happened when I sprained my right ankle last time, I continued playing with the help of adrenalin. hahaha...not until I came home did I felt the aching joints all over my left leg below the knee and on my right hand from the elbow down. "Basketball is physical sport. If there is no contact, it is not basketball." as quoted by the international referee that conducted the referee clinic.

This post ends with a laugh on my side escaping the possibility of breaking my toes. WAHAHAHAHA =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby I'm back here~~

hey hey, after so long. finally i got the mood and time to update this blog. Last semester was super hectic with tons of assignments and those assignements aren't just your normal assignments. Here they are,

This is the first one. Had to organize a trip to a manufacturing company and write a report containing the manufacturing management techniques used by the company.

Next is using a drawing software called CATIA to draw anything that contains five moving parts. You know what this is? It's a toilet flush mechanism! Proud of this thing but the marks the lecturer gave me was not that high... =(

Third is this thing here. Using a CNC milling machine, we need to think of a logo, write the appropriate programming to cut that logo out and...input it into the machine and the machine will automatically cut the shape out for you. But the lecturer did not gave me high scores for this sad...=(

this semester, for the finals...I think i might have screwed up one subject. I did not allocate enough time to study that subject. I shall keep my fingers crossed and see how my results will turn out x/


Friday, August 20, 2010

the theory of juggling life

I am afraid i am going to have trust issues in the future. So far, in my degree year, I never thought of any of my coursemates as my real friends. So whenever they cant complete their part of the group assignment, I just do it all. It's okay, doesn't hurt that much. Just lose trust and a bit angry after that. But this week, when finally I regard these two people as my friends among my coursemates, they disappoint me. Cant finish their part of the assignment. I have to take it all again. What to do? Leader, I distribute, they cant do. Either I do it or pass it up incomplete which of course I prefer the first option. But you see, when you regard a person as a friend and if they do this to you, push problems to you, it hurts even more. Not just angry, fucking pissed off is what I am feeling.

How can they have the heart to say things like,
"hard la, i cant do. you help me do la. i do other things"
if the assignment is easy, then it is not an assignment! and they expect me to do it. how am i any different a student from them? Fuck the world!

for this recent milling project i am working on, one of my friend said
"I dont think we can do milling by this week"
of course there is a reason why i want to do it this week. bcoz for next week, many people will be waiting for the machine and its a waste of time to go and wait for your turn or fight with people for the machine. In the end, i finished both our parts without telling him and when i asked him, how is the programming? he did only half and havent even simulated it. Then i told him i finished it already. he replied,"walao, how you do so fast o?" why dont he reply me "walao, why i so slow?"

and for a student, definitely your first priority is to finish your degree right?
this friend of mine is so obsessed with stock market now that he dont even listen when i talk to him. having to repeat and explained over and over again pissed me off even more. and the reason why he cant finish the programming is bcoz of his obsession.

okay lets say u want to learn and play stock trading. have some balance on your studies also for god's sake. For example, when you juggle 3 balls, do you only pay specific attention to one ball?
I am sure the other will fall.

I hate the biggest bullshit of all when you say you got no time then I found out from others that you can go yumcha (drink and chat with friends). Bloody bastard I tell you...I am damn pissed with this shit. Dont give me this shit. It doesnt make sense. You got no time, I got time? Fuck off!


Thanks to all these shits, I overworked myself and I am sick now.
If this continues, I think I will end up an isolated person who cant work with anyone else cause I cant trust anybody anymore. The more you trust, the more it hurts when you are disappointed.

P/s: telling me you are sorry you can finish on time only makes me feel disgusted. Unless you tell me you are sorry you went yumcha, or obsessed with wateva shit your are obsessed with until you couldnt finsh the stuff distributed to you then I will accept.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To hell with spammers

Finally I decided to add in comment moderation; to review before a comment is published. Why? I dont know where these spammers come from but they just keep spamming here. My escape has been compromised by them. Probably because of the followers thingy and maybe I publicized my blog on facebook. I dont know how to un-follow those that followed my blog but I did get rid of my link in facebook.

Eventhough I have added the "review comment before its published", its still a pain to go and purposely review whether its a spammer or a real person commenting. Haih...Damn you spammers!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tied by an invisible rope

I had this dream where I was sort of tied by an invisible elastic rope. The way I was tied is such that, only a portion of my body weight is supported by my legs. Then I would try to move and up to a point, my whole body weight is supported then by the rope and I would just go back to the beginning. I will get worked up and frustrated then when I woke up, I would be tired, which really sucks. A bad night sleep it was.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

korean girls' group fever

First, it was SNSD (Girls Generation) - Gee

Next, was After School - Because of you

Now, T-ara - Bo peep bo peep xD

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Happy Father's Day have always been plain to me. Every year on this day, I feel nothing. My father is not someone I am proud of and has been like a ghost throughout my life. So, when everyone gets psyched about Father's Day and what they should get for their fathers. I feel a bit left out. One thing my father taught me is to not become like him.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Finally I realised what has come over me.

I think its called maturity, where you think less about yourself and start to care more about others.

After coming back from NS, I felt a little weird. Like I am not myself. I had trouble trying to search for what I was like before. Took me sometime to embrace the new me and now I finally understood what actually came over me. Now, I can proudly say that I more as selfish and self-centered like before. The word "I" is less meaningful to me now but somehow I still miss it though. It was nice having to not think about everyone else but yourself. I feel that thinking the world revolves around me, makes me feel so........important. haha...

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today is the last day of SUKMA. Johor won both the men basketball and women basketball.

And just now, in the stadium, I saw an angel. All the while I have describe girls as just pretty, beautiful, or cute. She, was in a league of her own, an angel. When I saw her, my jaw drop and I was stunned at the same time mesmerize by her beauty. She have all the features I deem as perfect. Well, nowadays girls like to wear body fitting clothes so, I got to see her figure. Face (including eyes, mouth, nose, ears, her cheeks), tick; hair (ponytail, shining black), tick; body shape (emm....emmmmm), tick; legs (wow), tick; skin, tick. Since I labeled her as an angel already....DEFINITELY ALL TICKS! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh~~~~~~ xD

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just another day

sometimes...I feel the need to have one, then after thinking properly...I am fine without. Anyway, the feeling is just temporary. It goes away.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Finally, ravi finished his last paper in MMU. Now I can add him and several others into my Hall of Fame.

First up, Ravi of course. The first time I came to MMU, I stayed in EP (Block A 0308) and he stayed in room 3. Unlike, ah gou and ah mao, I didnt meet him and Hei Lek properly during the first half of my first semester due to me eating alone and sleeping early. Then, ah gou and ah mao told me room 3 tenants are very fierce. Supported by ah tat (which I havent find out his words are only 20% believable) I believed them. Then, I found a statistics book outside which I need and I asked the everyone else except room 3 whether it was theirs. Then, I went to room 3 at last and asked. Hei Lek was sleeping, so I asked Ravi. Then suddenly Hei Lek with a frustrated voice said in mandarin "who o? keep making noise. I cant sleep". That time I was like, shit man...shouldnt have asked. Then Ravi replied shortly that that book dont belong to anyone. After that, I dont dare to talk to them until after midterm break. After midterm break, on the way back to my room from ah gou and ah mao room, I saw Ravi reading Bleach, then we talked a bit. That is when i found out that I got bullshitted by the cat, dog and hippo. Now, he is like a big bro to me.

Next is Chu Hui and Pei Lin. I met them here.

Ah Tat is the one who introduce them to me during the event. I was writing on the whiteboard used as scoreboard on the floor while both of them was the table official. Once in awhile, they will check with me the score whether they tele or not. Then they also asked me questions like where I was from etc etc. That time damn paiseh talk to them. Then Pei Lin will give some sarcastic comment and look away laughing (her pattern, until now also the same. once you miss you wont know what she say). I find her character funny at that time. I still remember after that we went to eat at Highland. I took damn lot of food that time and had a hard time finishing it. Chu Hui asked me whether I can finish it or not. To not lose my cool, I said can and slowly push it down my throat. Pei Lin gave another sarcastic comment again but I couldnt get it cause she said it while facing away again. The next day I saw Chu Hui at Mesra and that was when I got to know her name. After that, the next time saw her again was when she sold sweets for some subject. There was lollipop wrapped like a bouquet of flowers and packets of sweets. Unfortunately, I was and still is single so I just bought the packet of sweets instead (not really packet, I just chose 10 and paid her the money). Once awhile Pei Lin will come out and chat with ah tat. Only when they joined the basketball committee the next year that I really got to know them and hang out with them. For Chu Hui, last time she was more of like the quiet type, very polite but now...I think mix too much with us boys or maybe now got Ravi backup already, she become guai lan already. Pei Lin on the other hand, did not change much. Just that now I am able to catch all her sarcastic remarks, haha.

When joining the committee, I got to meet Irene also. I still remember what question I asked her. Because I was not familiar with being an interviewer, I didnt ask anything. Then, suddenly ah tat force me to ask a question. So, I asked Irene, "If you are a treasurer and you suddenly lost the money, what would you do?" After she answered the question, the whole room went silent. That was when I felt damn awkward asking such question. Later, found out that she stays in Istana Melaka when she invited us to her birthday party. Her like perfect. But for me, I prefer not to have until three floors. Other than that, wonderful! At her house, she is different from when she is outside. She is to say...her actions are more controlled, like the princess in "Princess Diaries". Oh, also found out when we went Tioman that she gets hyper when she drinks. Unlike her usual composed self. Her jokes can be cold sometimes too...cause nobody understands them. So, once awhile must laugh also eventhough dont understand. Overall, she is a quite a nice person to know.

Actually, I am glad to know all of them. Great friends I have ^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

20 and what it means to me

Since I am the youngest in my group of friends in Malacca, I once teased a friend of mine, Chu Hui. She was going on about being 20 as in already old. Then, I would tease her saying I still have the number 1 in in my age and that I am young. Now, I have reached 20 but unlike her I am not worried about being old. More about what that 20 means.

For me, 20 means the start of climbing that ladder to success that I have taken 20 years to build. The thing is I havent finished building that ladder and I am starting to doubt the stability of that ladder. Recently, my last semester's result really gave me a slap in the face. I have been slacking off and that makes my scared. Scared I wont be able to fortify my ladder to bring me to the top and I will just tumble down like Humpty Dumpty.

20 also means responsibility, more independence. Independence as in I must be able to feed and take care of myself without relying on my parents anymore and be responsible of my well-being. Taking care of my parents...maybe later after I am able to take care of myself.

But if you ask me whether I want to turn back time and be 10 again. My answer is " HELL NO! ". Why move back and repeat things you already done? I say we go forward and do things we never do before!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sem break just ended

1. went on trip to penang with family. family.

2. had my first accident in penang. sad.

3. went to temple with my mom on wesak day. spiritual.

4. made concrete divider for the front of my house. physical.

5. went to malacca with kajang friends and my bro. friendship.

6. failed to reduce my round tummy. failure.

7. sucky exam result. disappointment.

woah...what also got this sem break. ups and downs

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The other day

Two days ago, I called for a plumber to come take a look at a pipe, sewage pipe the one that is at the ceiling in the apartment bathroom. The reason is due to some leakage from a cap on the piping and that leaking fluid coming down...stinks like dried pee that has been left for weeks! Damn the stench. So this plumber came over at about 6pm that day.

He spoke very politely to me but he spoke in mandarin so a few stuff I have to guess. haha. Anyway, he got to work by looking at the cap then proceed to taping and changing it. Before that, he saw another leakage from the tank for the toilet bowl into the toilet bowl. Then he asked me how much our water bill was and said that the fault lies in this leak into the toilet bowl. So after replacing the cap he proceed to look at the tank of the toilet bowl. When he looked at the stuff he wasnt sure how to remove the pump. After analyzing, he asked his Indon worker to get him his tool, a plier of some kind. When his worker returned, he returned with a handful of tools. The plumber cursed and scolded him asking what was the extra stuff for. Then the plumber asked his worker to get him a particular tools he called, "kiap zi". There was like four tools on the floor, so the worker, not knowing what the hell was his boss referring to, tried to guess which tool his boss wanted by holding on to one of them. The boss cursed again and scolded him and proceed to point on the tool he was referring to. After that drama, the plumber managed to remove the pump and then tried to figure out how it works. After removing this and that he got to the washer (seems like almost everything to do with leaking can be solved by changing the washer or applying the white tape on the groove of the threads for fastening eg. the cap just now). He removed the washer and cursed again saying, "kaninna pukimak caucibai, not the correct washer also can simply put in here.........jialat lo, dont have this type of washer". He went into deep thoughts and finally went back down to his vehicle to see if any alternative is available.

Meanwhile, I spoke to his worker and found out that he has been here since 1981 when he was 18 years old. Now of course, he doesnt have a proper working permit. He added that back in those days, if he saw a police officer, the police officer will just ask him to "jalan baik-baik" (walk properly) but now....(he smiled while gesturing his hand like someone asking for money). He said usually they ask for RM500 but after negotiation, probably it can be reduced to RM200-RM100.

Enough with that, the plumber came back with I think the same washer and tried to bend it a bit here and there so that the washer can sort of better block the flow of water. He struggled while trying to put back the pump into one piece. Seems like he hasnt deal with this type of pump before (the pump where you push the button down and it flushes the toilet. Most of the older pumps are the ones where you need to pull or apply torque on the lever). After clumsily attaching it back, he fixed the pump back into the tank. Surprisingly, it managed to stop the leakage and I bet he sighed a big relieve after managing to solve the problem by a fluke. He left soon after.

I went to took a bath after that in that bathroom, and found out that the toilet leaked again after I flushed it. I went WTF and opened the cover of the tank to look at it. After pulling this and that, here and there, I found out the plumber didnt attach the pump back properly. I can pull the whole pump out just like that! haha...nonsense. By looking at how he removed the pump just now, I got an idea on how it was supposed to go and unscrew this and that and managed to put the pump back together, properly this time, and it doesnt leak anymore! haha...wonderful, I thought. I closed the tank back and proceed bathe with a happy smile on my face.

The thing is, the plumber reminds me of my previous boss (placing tiles on floors and walls) I worked with when I was in Form 4. Both cursed almost the same way. Once they curse, it goes on for 3, 4, maybe 5 words not like what I normally use (fuck, damn, shit). Theirs are like macibai puki lanjiao etc etc. Seriously holy shit and I guess its already normal for them cause they do it subconsciously. Whenever shit turns up, they just shoot it out. Another similarity is the politeness they omit when speaking with clients but the harshness when speaking with their own workers. Last time, I only worked for 2 months and 2 weeks and I felt so glad when I finally finished working. It can be very demoralizing when you get scolded everyday like you are a piece of trash. The worker is where the channel their frustrations to, and where do their worker channel their frustrations? In this time, the phrase ignorance is bliss takes place. Of course you dont turn a deaf ear to everything that is said. Ignore the rude words and find the meaning behind why are you getting scolded so that you try not to be scolded again.

Woah, type damn lot of stuff already. Gotta go back to studying for my test tomorrow afternoon. Adios.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Get ready to be pissed

What to expect when you read the article in that URL below...
You wont be happy coz you wont like it
Expect to hear a very one-sided, ignorant rants of a person that has been locked up in his own world for his entire lifetime.
An obviously racist bas*ard that thinks he is not
The writer blaming others for what he cant achieve
To sum it off, stupid...very stupid people for even publishing it in the first place

Fuck you retards (the author and the people who have the same views as him) ..l.. =.= ..l..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have only just a minute,
Only 60 seconds in it,
Forced upon me-can't refuse it
Didn't seek it, didn't choose it.
But it is up to me to use it.
I must suffer if I lose it.
Give account if I abuse it,
Just a tiny little minute-
But eternity is in it.


taken from the textbook Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach Sixth Edition

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New discovery! Alarm clock leeches!

Today I discovered the second type of leeches.

Unlike the common type who just say good things when they first join the group and disappear after, this type is a bit more annoying.

The part of not contributing is still the same just that these "evolved" species keeps bugging you by asking, "when are we going to gather and do the assignment?". After gathering, they just sit there and rot away.

In the end, leeches are leeches. They get on your nerves whatever type they are.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To my brother and all of you who likes myths

Especially Greek-mythologies. Go to the nearest cinema and buy yourself a ticket to go watch Clash of the Titans. The graphics are beautiful. The action is blasting of course, the time background is during ancient Greece. However, be sure to keep a look out for a robot the size, slightly larger than a palm. Storyline base, I think it is great. My opinion might be bias cause I love this type of ancient myths. Enough said, love a great story then go watch.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Why are some people so darn stupid...or they probably just wants to annoy me so that makes them assholes. today, its particularly about this one jackass, the same jackass in my previouspost and another previous one. Man, this guy has been irritating me a lot.

This time, after compiling the questionnaire for our research and making them into graph and tables, I assigned my group members to certain question for them to elaborate and reason on it. This guy mailed me back asking, "what and where is data 1 and data 2 in my word file?". I was like OH MY GOD! IS HE THAT IGNORANT AND BLIND? I ALREADY PURPOSELY PUT EACH PIE CHART AND TABLE INTO A WORD FILE SO THAT EVERYONE CAN DOWNLOAD ONLY THEIR PART AND FOCUS ON IT. THIS BASKET CAN COME AND ASK ME WHERE IS HIS DATA.

This is what I gave him, (there is a title but after print screen, it disappeared)

If he sees this and dont call it data, I dont know what is data anymore...All the lab reports I have been doing in my past 3 years are not lab reports anymore. I shouldnt be here because I dont know what is data.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today, I was shown the meaning of fear.

An hour before the exam, my heart raced, my breathing shallowed, head was pounding and I couldnt swallow my saliva. Must be the trauma from quiz 1.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Just the other day I asked my friend, Ping to forgive idiots for being idiots. I take back my words. There is just no way to not get angry with them. Right now, I seriously feel like punching this one guy. How stupid can someone be...given an example as guidance and after thorough briefing by me not forgetting lecture and lecture notes...he still gave me crap. When a thing is deemed to be unusable, it it CRAP!

Gosh, I never tried to avoid talking to anybody as much as I am doing with this guy right now. I now think that it is no use trying to be friendly with this guy because the friendlier you get, the more he gets on your nerves when he gives you crap which is the reason I am getting so darn worked up right now. I dont know what to say anymore...

How about this for a quote, "All idiots should get their head smacked over and over again till they can think straight and if that doesnt work, smacked till they literally LOSE THEIR HEADS" Tete(2010) exclaimed angrily.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Some people I admire them a lot. Why? coz they know what they want. they have their aim. eventhough they suck at studying, they found another thing they like and it earns them money. no need for the degree. some already found what they want to do and they have the talent in it. they are already going for it. what am I doing? I am still drifting...i want to test my potential, i want to know how far i can go, i want to see what i am worth!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Somethings you just cant remember

There are times when you get a view of something personally and then promised yourself to make sure you do that or never do that in the future.

Well, everyone forgets. So, for me to remember, I created a column just for that, so that I wont repeat things done by others that I shouldnt and I will repeat things that I should.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new label added for these type of people

hey tay

listen, me and $%^& just got back from holidays, so we are working in the grading part, tell us how to write about the grading.... like , what to write, you just give some idea to us about it...... like shoud we start with the introduction of grading or just hit to the quoes directly and start writing about it ? and one page is enough???
reply soon

(lazy and stuck-up)

There you go...2 weeks of time and he sent me this one day before the meeting (deadline). If they are not assholes, I dont know what to call them anymore. Damn this is frustrating...International students...just some shit-ass rich people coming here to waste others' time. Dont agree??? PROVE ME OTHERWISE!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fire tiger My bad, metal tiger

This year is the year of the fire metal tiger (I confirmed it with my mom). No wonder its so hot. Fire plus the aggressiveness of a tiger O.O weee~~~ there you have it, the hottest new year...

Two days ago, I went to the newly opened Jaya Jusco in Malacca. Its so darn big looking from the outside but once you are in, you dont realise it. One of the reasons being one shoplet is bigger than the ones in your normal shopping complex and of course, the ceiling is higher too. I went to eat in Sushi King because of the buy 1 free 1 promotion. The promotion is, eat 5 plates and you get free 5 plates on one bill. To put it simple, eat 10 and the will free the 5 plates with the lowest price. Therefore, we asked for two bills so that we can group the expensive plates together and the cheaper ones together. What was supposed to be a RM100+ meal is just RM50+ meal for 3. I ate 10 plates myself and I was so satisfied. I love the baby octopuses the most xD.

Cant wait till new year to wear my new clothes~~~ The clothes my friends chose for me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


shit...last night was the worst ever!

i dreamt something, a ghost, those ju-on type one with sharp eyes and mouth, was chasing me. The smile on that thing was eerie, it scares the crap out of me. I was running in the darkness when suddenly it caught me. then I find myself immobilize in front of a candle fire shaking my hands and turning them from the palm to the back of my hand and repeating that motion. At that point, I could feel my right arm slip off my bolster and took the opportunity to forcefully wake myself up. I was thankful that it was a dream and quickly continued to try and sleep again because through previous experiences, if I wait too long I might end up wide awake. Then it happpened all again, from the chasing to the running in darkness and catching me then shaking my hands in front of a candle...FUAKKK!!! I jumped up from my bed, this time taking my time to calm myself down. I heard someone from the other apartments talking and really relieved me. I told myself if I go to sleep again in this way, I will surely end up with that dream again. So, I tried to find something more powerful, more influence to sidetrack my brains. I thought of the homework I have to finish tomorrow, thought about it hard and suddenly stopped, blank. This time, I went to sleep without any ghost chasing me stuff anymore.

DARN GHOST! I havent even watch the latest ju-on!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

storm ahead

applied thermo = application of maths + concepts in physics

I lacked knowledge on physics and right now, I realised that my maths, suck. If I am ever going to survive this subject I will have to improve on my maths coz the latter one is harder to touch up.

In another subject, I sense a bad egg in the group; A mole in an otherwise perfect field; A worm in a bucket of apples; or simply put as a guy that is going to be a pain in the ass. Not sure how I am going to handle this, but I hope it doesnt end bitterly.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tag & blood donation

ping tagged me....
okay la...I found a pic from my pictures' folder
This is when I was...standard 3 I think
Used to comb side parting then suddenly change to this style.
obviously, I am more fleshy at that time.
that kiko shirt was my favourite.
that its for this tag

today, i went and donated blood for the third time.
still have the feeling of fear for donating blood.
still hate needles and blood.
this time, after donating, I got drowsy and lost my sight for awhile. like everything went black.
luckily I wasnt walking at that time.

recently, my grandmother wasnt doing so well.
my mom called me the other day to tell me that my grandmother would suddenly lose the function of parts of her body.
old age is definitely getting to her.
despite being like that, she doesnt want to trouble others and make them worry about her.
i am not sure about her but for me, it is frightening to know that you are going off soon but dont know when.
I remember one day back in penang when she cooked tau chiam for us. me and my elder brother ate 3 bowls of her tau chiam.
no other tau chiam can compare to that.
my bro started his internship today.
all the best to him

Friday, January 29, 2010

Damn I am good

Erm...before bragging more about myself xD

I got to state this CLEARLY...NOW, I SO SO SO SO HOT HATE BEING A LEADER! To lead means to plan everything beforehand, to keep up with ALL OF THE MEMBERS' ATTITUDE, to kiss all the members' butt so that they will listen to what I have to say, and the list goes on. I wish I could just follow someone's lead for awhile. This two years in degree, I have been the leader in all of the group work except once. They say, "By following, you learn how to lead", i wanna learn more~~

Well, the bragging part. All you people cant you see cant you see All of you who doesnt wanna read about somebody else bragging about themself cant stop reading here thank you for your time =)

Today, I completed the final stage of the proposal. Can say 80% of the proposal I contributed, 20% more divide by the other 8 members. So, after class, I showed the lecturer the proposal. She corrected some minor language mistakes and then...she approved it without me needing to correct it any further! One of my two group mates that followed me was like..."you're good're good". He kept repeating that and his excitement attracted some other people. Then he praised me in front of them and I was proud like hell but I cant handle this type of situation so I just looked down smiling xD

Haih...It feels so darn good to have your work approved after putting much effort in it. YEHA! wanted to type "YEAH" but "YEHA" will do it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New housemate

Now that the evil dog, the cute round cat and the monstrous tat has gone...we have a new housemate! Her name is Wan Ming (I think its spelled like this >..<), Wan Min

Yeah, it's not a typo and you didn't read it wrongly. IT IS A SHE! xD She is actually Jackson's hometown friend. She came here to MMU to study Law but the course is only offered in June. So she came here an apply to study foundation in IT for 1 trimester instead of lazing around at home.

With a girl around, miraculously everything in the house becomes cleaner. haha...Actually, it's because we don't want her to feel like she is living in a garbage truck. She is quite cool and lively. By now, she is already able to mix freely with us. I guess no worries then.

Yesterday, she made dinner. It was a four dishes dinner consists of mushrooms with ginger, eggs fried with prawns and onions, fried sausages, and cabbage with dried prawns and fried ikan bilis. It was quite tasty to be honest. That's why, while they were chatting away on the cramped dinner table, I enjoyed the food silently...itadakimasu. hehe...It's the first time most of us (excluding Hei Lek) eating homecook food in Malacca. Before this, the only thing we prepared before was steamboat. In the end, the proportion of the dishes proved to be too large. The master of eating couldn't eat that night. So, we just stuffed whatever leftover dishes into our mouth and regrettably threw away some rice....

Well, eventhough it is time and effort consuming to cook dishes, but I am somewhat waiting to see what is next xD.

Welcome to the group...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank Pei Lin, Irene, Susan and Chu Hui for becoming the best fashion consultant ever today and Ravi, Hei Lek and Jackson for the trouble of following me to go shopping. For a person that dont even know what he wants to look like, the girls became my saviours from a fashion disaster. I mean, I dont even know what looks good on me but they...they almost immediately have a picture of what clothes I will look good in. So, the hunt for clothes begin.

They really opened my eyes to the real meaning of shopping. Grabbing swiftly on clothes that they think will look nice on me and off I went to the fitting room with hands full of clothes (5 pieces on my hands, and few more on Ravi's). Before this, I would browse through a particular store until I found a shirt that attract me most, get a size and just buy it. Heck, Susan even laughed at me for holding on to the clothes I dont want after testing them in the fitting room xD.

Back to the story, in the fitting room I changed into a pants with all different shirts and also jeans with all the different shirts. Then, 7 people will look at me and give comments. From there I pick the clothes that looks good on me. Went to another store and did the same and in the end, I bought a jeans (MY FIRST PAIR OF JEANS!!!), 3 sharp neck t-shirts of yellow, purple and black colour and a long sleeve shirt with red colour vertical stripes. All adds up to about RM 160. I bought a box of RENOMA underwear because my current ones to say...they have seen better days. It cost me about RM 36. So total about RM 200. I would say its money well spent ^_^

To Pei Lin, Irene, Susan and Chu Hui, shopping would not have been better without you girls. I will just end up with some clothes and probably feel not satisfied with it at the end of the day if I have shopped on my own. With all my heart I thank you girls for helping me "grow up". Haha...

Shopping will never be the same again!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A friendly reminder

Earlier on, my small bro came and told me about how his teacher is such a great coach for his house in school. I let him continue...and I got so worked up after that.

His teacher is a total bitch...let me tell you why.
- this is the reason she gave the boy who was looking at the other house practicing, Why are you looking over there? they are losers. Their house colour is the colour of shit.

- this is what she said out loud (everything she said she said it out loud), they dont need to practice already because they are going to lose anyway. Why bother practicing?

And my small brother was so happy he told me, "my teacher damn pro man"....

Well, I thought otherwise...of course I gave my small brother a piece of my mind.
1. I told him, your teacher is a bitch (this word is common vocab used in our conversations)
2. He shouldnt be happy watching someone else criticizing others.
3. I asked him if his friend was on the other house, how would he feel. He didnt answer me.
4. I told him if someone did that to him what would he do. He reply, "just ignore la" which I dont believe he can do.
5. I call him selfish (should be insensitive...but the words came out too fast) for not being able to consider other's feelings.

after that, he went offline...must be pissed at me for ruining his "happy day".
If he grows up to be like his teacher. I am so gonna smack him.

The friendly reminder is: dont treat people like shit eventhough you are better in THAT field. Or else, you will be in my "He/she is a bitch" list.

Start of Gamma Sem 3

A lot of things I want to avoid and also "thing". Didnt achieve my target last semester eventhough I admit I am a bit relieve I got what I got. It means that there is a way not to say I am doomed to this type of results for the rest of my studies. Well, good luck to me and you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Task failed xD

I challenged myself to read 2 books (about 300 pages each) in 4 days but turns out I failed. Few reasons why....

1. The first books was so much to my liking that when I start reading the second book, the book becomes lame. Its like eating sweet then eating a fruit. The fruit becomes tasteless.

2. Maybe I am exhausted after reading the first book. Its like eating too much during a buffet dinner that you dont feel like eating supper anymore.

Looks like both the reasons can be link to eating. Well, eating is all I have done in this past 3 weeks. Seriously gaining weight but not until 70-80 kg like that. 60 plus, maybe long as I feel healthy. Will be missing home cook food when I go back this Sunday =(

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nice read

After about 1 and a half day, I finished my first book out of two. Unlike my last visit to the library, the day before, there were a whole lot more choices of books to read. My mom said its probably because the holidays were over and everyone is returning their books. This book tells a story about a child of an aristocrat and also a child possessing the Gift passed down through his family, denying both wealth and Gift leaving him to fend for himself. He was pardoned by the king and forced to work under Sir Alaric, the person in charge of protecting the throne of England against enemies. Just when he was about to retire with the gold he accumulated and a horse as a gift, he was robbed by a woman. From there the story pick up to tales of deception, love and finally fighting dark magic. The setting is in the past where handguns can only fire a bullet at a time before needing to be reloaded and the main transport were associated with horses.


This is another unrelated part. Word of advice to whoever. Watch the tongue for what comes out of it might be stingingly bitter to the ears when one is internally unstable.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Neither here nor there

two weeks into the holiday and all i have been doing is waking up, mousehunt on facebook, mythbusters on discovery channel, maybe smallville and heroes, or sleep, eat then tv then sleep.

this few days i have been reading a book i borrowed, Vampires. it is a collection of vampire stories by various writers into a book. to be honest, it was quite lame. this morning i decided to flip through all the lame titles and still i find the stories in it superbly flat.

that aside, i have a lot of time to day dream away lately and something came to my mind yesterday. what if i have the powers to stop time like Hiro in Heroes? what would i do?
this is a few things i would do...
1. i think most people will try this if they naked down the street.
2. take a piece of delicious looking foods i come across.
3. check to see how many people actually put their keys under a plant pot or floor mat.
4. flick the rain with my fingers.
5. try to hold fire?
6. go do stupid faces in front of someone i hate.
7. save lifes?
8. find a many five star hotels and see what is it like in a presidential suite.
9. go to other countries without legal documents.
10. SMACK those mosquitoes bugging me right now.

so far that is what i can think of... tata

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There is time where you long for company and time where you just want to be left alone.

Currently, I just feel like being left alone, doing just what is necessary to stay alive and while away my time not bothering about the outside world. Looks like its been awhile since I am that free.

More involvement means more troublesome stuff

Someone once told me...

Knowledge is obtained through your own effort and hard work. Keep it up!

"A's" are for God, "B's" are for lecturers, "C's" are for students and "F's" are for animals.

A good leader will always be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave.

Try to smile no matter what, cause you never know when your smile could lighten up someone's day as well as it will lighten up mine.

There are two types of leader, "THE EFFECTIVE - result based without considering the procedure" and "THE EFFICIENT - procedure based without considering the results"

Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal

Original version
"If it doesn't kills you, it will only make you stronger"
My version
"CHARGE!!! unless you are dead..."

The medium of transfer is not what matters, it's the value of the content!

This is what I told myself: Bullshit lecturer + Insufficient notes = YOU ARE SCREWED!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you (referring to the whole class) all the luck in your future -Dr Nabil

Share knowledge because it multiplies, dont share money because it divides.

There is time to have fun and there is time to study

Put all your eggs into one basket and watch it

Always ask yourself, "what happened? what actually happened?" - Kok Lin