Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who am I bluffing...

Moody right now. A mixture of ups and downs...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty and Grace: a perfect combination

These two days, I happen to be a working committee for MMU Invitational Taekwondo Tournament. Ah...Taekwondo...the memories...

Anyway, I saw a perfect combination of beauty and grace in this one girl. She is from Koryo, a Taekwondo club in KL. Never heard of this club before but from these two days, I witnessed and learned for myself that they produce champions to represent Malaysia in international games like the SEA games.

On the first day, she asked me "where is the toilet?" and I was a little stunned by her beauty that at the moment I caught a glimpse of her I quickly turn away (my natural reaction when I see a beautiful girl, I dont know why). On the first day she only had one match cause in her category (age and weight), there is only 2 participants (she herself and another girl). She lost that match but right away had a silver in her hands. I caught myself looking at her and for her a...LOT of times on this day. Lol...

On the second day, she joined the open category tournament as well (they dont look at your age, only your weight). I was totally impressed at her performance for the first match. A few kicks to the head and her opponent gives up. The same thing happened on the second and final match. A few blows to the head and her opponent gives up. Anyway throughout this day I stole some looks at her admiring her beauty as well as her graceful performance in the arena. When the day ended though, I felt sad. Dont know when will I be able to see her again...

I felt like a stalker these two days, keep looking at her...Wonder if this is normal or will I one day go mad and really become a stalker. I even thought of seeing a counselor for help...I AM A POTENTIAL STALKER!

Someone once told me...

Knowledge is obtained through your own effort and hard work. Keep it up!

"A's" are for God, "B's" are for lecturers, "C's" are for students and "F's" are for animals.

A good leader will always be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave.

Try to smile no matter what, cause you never know when your smile could lighten up someone's day as well as it will lighten up mine.

There are two types of leader, "THE EFFECTIVE - result based without considering the procedure" and "THE EFFICIENT - procedure based without considering the results"

Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal

Original version
"If it doesn't kills you, it will only make you stronger"
My version
"CHARGE!!! unless you are dead..."

The medium of transfer is not what matters, it's the value of the content!

This is what I told myself: Bullshit lecturer + Insufficient notes = YOU ARE SCREWED!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you (referring to the whole class) all the luck in your future -Dr Nabil

Share knowledge because it multiplies, dont share money because it divides.

There is time to have fun and there is time to study

Put all your eggs into one basket and watch it

Always ask yourself, "what happened? what actually happened?" - Kok Lin