Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A friendly reminder

Earlier on, my small bro came and told me about how his teacher is such a great coach for his house in school. I let him continue...and I got so worked up after that.

His teacher is a total bitch...let me tell you why.
- this is the reason she gave the boy who was looking at the other house practicing, Why are you looking over there? they are losers. Their house colour is the colour of shit.

- this is what she said out loud (everything she said she said it out loud), they dont need to practice already because they are going to lose anyway. Why bother practicing?

And my small brother was so happy he told me, "my teacher damn pro man"....

Well, I thought otherwise...of course I gave my small brother a piece of my mind.
1. I told him, your teacher is a bitch (this word is common vocab used in our conversations)
2. He shouldnt be happy watching someone else criticizing others.
3. I asked him if his friend was on the other house, how would he feel. He didnt answer me.
4. I told him if someone did that to him what would he do. He reply, "just ignore la" which I dont believe he can do.
5. I call him selfish (should be insensitive...but the words came out too fast) for not being able to consider other's feelings.

after that, he went offline...must be pissed at me for ruining his "happy day".
If he grows up to be like his teacher. I am so gonna smack him.

The friendly reminder is: dont treat people like shit eventhough you are better in THAT field. Or else, you will be in my "He/she is a bitch" list.


vincy said...

A good bro indeed,your bro will understand what you are trying to tell him in the future=)

Tete said...

hopefully when he realize it, he wont have my hand print on his face. haha

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