Sunday, January 24, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank Pei Lin, Irene, Susan and Chu Hui for becoming the best fashion consultant ever today and Ravi, Hei Lek and Jackson for the trouble of following me to go shopping. For a person that dont even know what he wants to look like, the girls became my saviours from a fashion disaster. I mean, I dont even know what looks good on me but they...they almost immediately have a picture of what clothes I will look good in. So, the hunt for clothes begin.

They really opened my eyes to the real meaning of shopping. Grabbing swiftly on clothes that they think will look nice on me and off I went to the fitting room with hands full of clothes (5 pieces on my hands, and few more on Ravi's). Before this, I would browse through a particular store until I found a shirt that attract me most, get a size and just buy it. Heck, Susan even laughed at me for holding on to the clothes I dont want after testing them in the fitting room xD.

Back to the story, in the fitting room I changed into a pants with all different shirts and also jeans with all the different shirts. Then, 7 people will look at me and give comments. From there I pick the clothes that looks good on me. Went to another store and did the same and in the end, I bought a jeans (MY FIRST PAIR OF JEANS!!!), 3 sharp neck t-shirts of yellow, purple and black colour and a long sleeve shirt with red colour vertical stripes. All adds up to about RM 160. I bought a box of RENOMA underwear because my current ones to say...they have seen better days. It cost me about RM 36. So total about RM 200. I would say its money well spent ^_^

To Pei Lin, Irene, Susan and Chu Hui, shopping would not have been better without you girls. I will just end up with some clothes and probably feel not satisfied with it at the end of the day if I have shopped on my own. With all my heart I thank you girls for helping me "grow up". Haha...

Shopping will never be the same again!

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