Thursday, January 28, 2010

New housemate

Now that the evil dog, the cute round cat and the monstrous tat has gone...we have a new housemate! Her name is Wan Ming (I think its spelled like this >..<), Wan Min

Yeah, it's not a typo and you didn't read it wrongly. IT IS A SHE! xD She is actually Jackson's hometown friend. She came here to MMU to study Law but the course is only offered in June. So she came here an apply to study foundation in IT for 1 trimester instead of lazing around at home.

With a girl around, miraculously everything in the house becomes cleaner. haha...Actually, it's because we don't want her to feel like she is living in a garbage truck. She is quite cool and lively. By now, she is already able to mix freely with us. I guess no worries then.

Yesterday, she made dinner. It was a four dishes dinner consists of mushrooms with ginger, eggs fried with prawns and onions, fried sausages, and cabbage with dried prawns and fried ikan bilis. It was quite tasty to be honest. That's why, while they were chatting away on the cramped dinner table, I enjoyed the food silently...itadakimasu. hehe...It's the first time most of us (excluding Hei Lek) eating homecook food in Malacca. Before this, the only thing we prepared before was steamboat. In the end, the proportion of the dishes proved to be too large. The master of eating couldn't eat that night. So, we just stuffed whatever leftover dishes into our mouth and regrettably threw away some rice....

Well, eventhough it is time and effort consuming to cook dishes, but I am somewhat waiting to see what is next xD.

Welcome to the group...

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Tete said...

Agree agree...I cant read chinese... =.=

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