Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fire tiger My bad, metal tiger

This year is the year of the fire metal tiger (I confirmed it with my mom). No wonder its so hot. Fire plus the aggressiveness of a tiger O.O weee~~~ there you have it, the hottest new year...

Two days ago, I went to the newly opened Jaya Jusco in Malacca. Its so darn big looking from the outside but once you are in, you dont realise it. One of the reasons being one shoplet is bigger than the ones in your normal shopping complex and of course, the ceiling is higher too. I went to eat in Sushi King because of the buy 1 free 1 promotion. The promotion is, eat 5 plates and you get free 5 plates on one bill. To put it simple, eat 10 and the will free the 5 plates with the lowest price. Therefore, we asked for two bills so that we can group the expensive plates together and the cheaper ones together. What was supposed to be a RM100+ meal is just RM50+ meal for 3. I ate 10 plates myself and I was so satisfied. I love the baby octopuses the most xD.

Cant wait till new year to wear my new clothes~~~ The clothes my friends chose for me.

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