Monday, October 11, 2010

Nearly broke my toes

Before last week, the last time I played basketball was more than a month ago. Yesterday, I woke up sort of late for basketball with my friends. So I rushed and forgot my shoes.

While playing, I wanted to block this guy's shot. Rarely, I found such a nice opportunity to block people, so I rushed in and smacked the ball. For his shot attempt, he jumped forward towards me. So, I jumped backwards to block his shot. The guy did not release the ball and continue to hold it in his hands which caused my whole body to sort of rotate towards being horizontal in mid-air. Then, I landed with only my left leg in the position shown below and my right leg stretched in front of me.

No other body part was in contact with the ground so that all my weight is supported only by my left leg. Fortunately, there is a moment (spinning action) still acting on my body which made my upper body lean towards the back. Feeling that my left leg is compressed to the maximum, my stomach muscle loosened and allow my body to lean to the back. Once my upper body nearly touched the floor, my right hand auto reacted by smacking the palm of my hand on the ground and my whole body came to equilibrium. It's like in the kungfu movies where the kungfu guy smackes the ground to bounce himself up again when falling just that I did not bounce up back. After that, I felt the joint in my toes aching but I still continued to play on. Adrenalin is a good thing; it makes you pain when supposingly you should be hurting like hell. Same thing happened when I sprained my right ankle last time, I continued playing with the help of adrenalin. hahaha...not until I came home did I felt the aching joints all over my left leg below the knee and on my right hand from the elbow down. "Basketball is physical sport. If there is no contact, it is not basketball." as quoted by the international referee that conducted the referee clinic.

This post ends with a laugh on my side escaping the possibility of breaking my toes. WAHAHAHAHA =)

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