Monday, August 31, 2009

A weekend plus 1

This weekend was quite a crazy one. The people involved are, Ravi, Chu Hui, Pei Lin, Tat, Mong, Jackson, Hei Lek, Irene and me. (Jackson, from the steamboat onwards)


It started with me waking up at 8am to read my notes and do some exercise on Basic Management, Accounting and Economics. At 2 pm, I went for my exam without proper lunch. I am gonna sidetrack a bit. Following are the Tete's theories during examination.

1. Must at least gone through every chapter that is coming out.

2. Must at least take a short nap just before the exam.

3. Must go to the exam with style (set hair and dress nicely).

4. Must not eat anything heavy (a bar of chocolate will be enough)

Well, that's about my theory. I went in, used 30 mins out of the 90 mins time duration to finish the questions and came out. Walked back hoping to get a pack of nasi lemak on the way but they ran out of sambal...and, I ended up not eating lunch. About 4pm we went for a movie, The Proposal. It was a nice movie which started out with a boss proposing to her secretary for her selfish needs know where this goes with that "but".

Sandra Bullock still looks beautiful despite the wrinkles. After the movie we had crabs as the main dish for our dinner! The crabs were huge! Not those tiny meatless ones. The night ended with mahjong tiles hitting against each other and blackjack. A little bit of liquor in between...a little.


Some of us went to the market to get stuff for that night's steamboat dinner. The rest...continued sleeping and I was one of them. Wakaka...We got prepared and set off later to Dreambox where some of us sang our lungs out and some...just sang with their lungs intact. Haha...Right after that, we went to catch another movie...ORPHAN.

The story line was good and the sound effect scared me...This movie is something like Chucky Child's Play (the human soul that got transferred into a doll body and kills people) just that the killer this time is a girl or should I say woman (you'll know why when you watch the movie). Throughout the movie, I was whispering (Oh my and cursing (shit...fuck lo...whatthefuck...cb...). That was how I reacted to the movie...Then we went back, on the way getting some McD so as not to starve waiting for the steamboat and a small cake to celebrate Hei Lek's birthday. After all the boiling, eating and cleaning up, we lighted up the candle and sang a birthday song for Hei Lek...Later, mahjong tiles again, some liquor again and blackjack again before I retired to bed while they continued with DOTA.


Woke up this morning, quite early I a game of DOTA cause I missed last night's action. Lost like crap...Everybody wash up and we went to Mahkota Parade to land ourselves at Baskin' Robbins. It was my first time eating ice-cream here and I bought the smallest cup they got with Marcadamia and Mango Tango ice-dream mixed in it. It costed me RM18.50 after tax for it. Luckily today there was offer of 30% for it. If not, I will be paying RM 25.50 before tax for it. I got a whole cup for myself...hehehe

The pic was a bit blurry maybe because of the dim lighting and my shaking hands. Well, I finished it. The girls went to shop while we boys went to the bowling alley. I suck at bowling so I am not gonna elaborate on how I suck. After that we met up again and Ravi, Chu Hui and Pei Lin went on their way back to Klang again.

For this weekend, my face grew lots of pimples...gotta be patient and slowly nurture my face back again...That's all. Almost forgot...actually more like didnt even care...Happy Independence Day...

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