Monday, April 25, 2011

Interfaith talk 19: Life after death

*Sensitive issue, please stop reading if at any time you find my review is offensive. You have been warned.*

This is what I summarized from the talk from the 4 speakers.

Religion A:
Aim: To be at god's feet (stop of rebirth)
Drive: Good Karma and rebirths

Religion B:
Aim: To live in heaven with fellow believers
Drive: After life justice and believing in ......(the impression I get is fear)

Religion C:
Aim: Get out of the "samsara" cycle (rebirth)
Drive: Achieving balance, no good karma, no bad karma

Religion D:
Aim: Go to heaven, live in pleasure
Drive: Believe in.... and that pleasure is awaiting

Question I asked: When we are reborn we carry the karma of the past but not our memories. What thinking should we have when we are faced with a suffering that is possibly due to bad karma that we dont remember accumulating?

Answer: We must understand that this sufferings are due to karma and accept it openly, whole-heartedly.

What I think: Probably the speaker is right, when you accept something openly, whole-heartedly, it hurts less than trying to reason out, "why me? what have I done?". That said, it is also not easy to accept suffering unlike accepting joy and happiness.

Unlike the other questions by other students such as, "what is in 'your' heaven?", I think mine is more practical. By asking what your heaven has to offer, are you implying that if the other religion offers a better heaven, I will ditch my religion and join that religion.

This is a personal view, I find it offensive when someone says, I will be punished for not accepting a certain religion when I die.

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