Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New HiCom, new beginning

Steamboat with the new people...

This is how steamboat is in Malacca. The middle is for boiling while the side is for frying...

The three lengzhais of the club! Kakaka..

Eh..... =X

The liveliest table that evening! Salute! Salute!

Table with a pro steamboat chef (the one talking on the phone while cooking)

Additional photo so that I got a photo of myself...Hehehe

Ermmm...looks like boiled fingers... ~.~ It's actually boiled taiwan sausages...

Normal humans don't usually eat this but a Hippo will!

There he is...weighing at almost 100kg and +-176cm tall...introducing the Hippo! ^^

The meal is buffet style and it amounted to RM18 per person but....the club sponsored RM10 for each person! Such a great privilege to be part of the HiCom (High Committee)!

Okay, now that everybody eat full full already...make sure you all do your work properly wor...XD

(Umm...There is one more table which I forgot to take their photo...Those sitting at 'that' table please forgive me!!! >..<)

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