Thursday, April 30, 2009

I hate irresponsible idiots...

The day before, I got up and checked my mail for a mail I was waiting since the night before. When I downloaded the attachment inside the mail, I was anxious cause this is the last missing piece to complete our group assignment.

I unzipped the file and opened it...

While scrolling down, I was trying to make out what all of it means...While trying to make out a connection between the contents inside, I started to go, "Shit Shit Shit".

Then, I concluded that it was pure bullshit.

Now let me explain the group assignment we were supposed to do. It was about a part called Kant-Twist Clamp. We had to draw drawings of the assembly and individual parts to make up the assembly using a software called AUTOCAD. I devided the job and let the other members chose first and I took whatever that's left behind. We had two weeks to complete the assignment so for the first week I seperated the drawings of the individual parts.

After a week, everyone finished their drawings regardless whether it is good or not except one. SHe did not finish her drawing and her drawing is a bloody mess. "Nevermind", I thought and completed her drawing for her and editted. The second week, we moved on to phase two. There was assembly drawing, drawing to indicate the moving parts, adding templates and description. She chose to do description where her job is to find stuff regarding our assembly, Kant-Twist Clamp. I explained very detail to her about what she must do to describe our assembly. She even wrote down notes saying, "I better note this down so that I wont forget". She was partnered with another guy and the guy is supposed to send her his part for her to edit and add before sending it back to me.

So back to the mail. After confirming its bullshit, I typed Kant-Twist Clamp in the google search and clicked on the first search link. I looked at the website and WHAT THE FUCKED...Totally copied and pasted. Then I clicked "back" and then clicked on the second link...I went WHAT THE FUCK again...another copy and paste without any editting. The worst part of it all was that she copied from a company website promoting their products and so the "description" went like, Our unique and dependable products have been used by aircraft plants, etc etc... WHAT THE FUCK our product? Since when are we making the product? And the part where the guy was supposed to send to her and she was supposed to edit is nowhere to be found...

The first thing I did right after that was changing my msn nickname to, "BITCH...DIRECT COPY AND PASTE...BLOODY BITCH!". Then started re-doing the description part. Lucky for me I didnt have class the whole day cause final exams are approaching and some classes ended already. And so, I finished the job. Supprisingly, after finishing the job, I had no mood to call her up and screw her anymore...This time I changed my msn nick to, "I AM SUCH A FUCKING NICE LEADER...". I printed the assignment and copied a softcopy into a disc and handed it up this morning.


The thing I really cannot understand is that how can she be so irresponsible and just slack off on her assignment like that. Yeah, she told me she was busy with other subjects and what not but have she ever put in a thought that she wasnt the only person that is busy with other stuffs...She cant even spend about 3 hours doing the description which I gave her 4 whole days to do? Come on...Now I see why being too good makes you get taken advantage of...


pynk said...

Whoa. I've encountered irresponsible teammates but not as bad as this. >.< Maybe it's best not to include her in your team next time.

Tete said...

Yeah..will not include her anymore in my group. This time the lecturer grouped us together, so I got no choice. Horrible person...

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