Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kind of Sarcastic...

Yesterday, it was my welding lab session for the subject Workshop Technology. It was quite fun doing welding but I hated the smell of the shielding gas which is suppose to prevent oxidization of the welding metal. We were divided into two groups. One learnt how to weld from the tecnician and the other from the lecturer. Damn...I should have followed the technician because after welding two piece of metals together, the final piece will be tested using some press machine...For each press its 0.5 marks. To get full marks...20 presses. Mine managed to withstand only 7 presses which gave me 3.5 marks out of 10...The technique taught by the technician is definitely more practical than the lecturer. Does it mean that lecturers are only meant to "lecture" in class? Haha...Partly my fault also cause I didnt manage to see the logic behind welding. So, I failed my welding...

That night also i had a midterm paper for Workshop Technology. I only started studying the day before yesterday and the subject contains lots and lots of theories, the notes are easily more than 100 pages of words and pictures of tools, machines, welding, forming and casting. I just managed to finish studying it at 7 pm and went for the test at 8pm. I was scared like hell cause this time it was extremely last minute studying.

When I opened the question paper guess what was the first question...It went something like, "What you should not do when in the workshop to ensure safety" or something like that. The options for the answers are all logical except "Listening to RIHANNA's new album on an mp3 while practising in the workshop". LMAO, the lecturer typed RIHANNA out in capital letters as well which made it more sarcastic. Manage to finish the paper in about 20 mins and submitted my paper early then went back. I guess the paper was quite easy given that it only has 15 MCQs and a question on calculation.

Hopefully this midterm will average out my marks which I lost during welding...

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