Tuesday, May 5, 2009

24 hours diarrhoea...

Last two nights I had chicken rendang for my dinner and right after that, I was going to the toilet. I thought it was normal cause the serai in the rendang is supposed to make go easier...

After a few times of going in and out of the toilet, I was still telling myself "it's the serai"...then there is this stomachache like something twirling in my stomach. Couldnt get myself to sleep and I was still going to the toilet till about 4 am. The last was about 5 am before I got to sleep. Then about 9 in the morning, I went to the toilet again and continued sleeping till 12. Woke up and went to toilet again before I went to eat lunch. Went to TOILET again after lunch and a few more times after that until dinner...this time I only drank warm barley and a taufufa for dinner. Later, I went down to the minimart to get a loaf of bread and a bottle of marmalade jam and ate it as dinner. Was still going to toilet till about 9 pm...After that, my stomach was still hurting but didnt went to toilet anymore. I guess I have clear every single piece of shiet in my system, LOL.

Conclusion: Having a diarrhoe for 24 hours is not good especially for my butt-hole. IT HURTS LIKE HELL AFTER 5 TIMES OF GOING TO THE TOILET. And I went a total of more than 20 times to the toilet...And the bloody headache I got because of it also...

Lesson learnt: I guess I wont be touching rendang for quite some time....


Jackson said...

Go on and shit it out~
and bleed~

sing this while listening to coldplay's "in my place"

Tete said...

Bleed ur head bleed... =.=
luckily din bleed...

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