Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last day of my BETA year

It's 30th of May and finally, everyone has finished their exams. Mine finished a week ago...

First, we packed our stuff to shift in to a new apartment cause we can no longer stay in the current one anymore. Shift shift shift...then had lunch and then off we went to play futsal!

At first I thought I would be like blur blur cause everything is blur when I take off my specs but thankfully, I was able to play. Me, Tat, Mong, Ravi, Hei Lek, Kang Kang and the rest of their friends booked a court (total of 15 people). We played 6 on each side and swap 3 after each game.

My first goal came with me standing beside the opposition goal post and finishing Ravi's pass while the goalkeeper charged at him. Thanks Ravi...hehe

My next goal came after a corner by my teammate. My teammate kicked the ball and it rebounded off one of the opponent; by instinct, I ran for the ball aand smacked it as hard as I could but I did not kicked the ball where I wanted (was aiming at the near end of the goal post). So, the ball spinned towards the far end of the goal post. By luck, the goal keeper jump to the near post and my ball rolled it's way to the net.

The third goal was a cross between my two teammates that did not connect. Again, I just ran and chased the ball and give it a smack into the net without any resistance.

Pls take note that all three goals were scored in different games.


After that we went home, took a bath and then went for dinner at Simply Fish.

I called a salmon dish which looks like this...

First time eating a slice of salmon all by myself. The taste was so and so...

Then they brought out a cake...It was to celebrate Tat's, Mong's and my birthday. Chocolate cake from secret recipe. Yummy Yum Yum...

too bad the salmon dish was quite filling which made me unable to eat more then 1 slice of the cake... T_T


Next destination was actually Arena (a bar/club...not sure). When we arrived, there was an entrance fee required...Change of plans...PURE BAR! Music was loud as hell like the last time I went...makes your whole body want to jump move to the beat! Well, we arrived there quite early...the crowd hasnt got into the mood to go "crazy". So we sat and chat a bit took some pictures here and there...

Then some of my friends disappeared...I asked Ravi what's upstairs (I saw some people going up the stairs) and he said "live band". Alright! I went upstairs and found my friends there; together, we watched the live band perform. Woo...they were spectacular...most of the songs they played tend to be my favourite...The man and the woman singer took turns to sing back to back songs. Both have great voices and the rest of the band just rocked the whole house! WoO HoO!

Went down to have some drinks and the night is getting started. Some of them played ci-ku-pak and the loser have to drink. I didnt understand the game cause there was like left palm open and right palm fist, etc etc. Didnt bother to learn cause I will lose anyway...haha...So, together with Jackson, we went upstairs again to join Hei Lek watching the live band. People started moving, the rest of the group came up and we started moving until the band took a break. Went downstairs to the beat of the DJ and dance till we were tired (more like letting your body loose to the beat of the music xD). After that, we went back to shift somemore stuff to the new apartment (it was about 2.30 am then...). Went back to our current apartment, took a bath and slept like a pig......

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