Sunday, June 28, 2009

How do you like that?! Hmph!

Something flew into the room and landed on my roommate's table behind one of his speakers. After confirming its a bloody cockroach, he went an lie on the bed asking me to get rid of it... =.=
Trns out he is a chicken when it comes to cockroach...Ya...ya...I know...karma...Dont want to whack...lalala... xD

Well, I was busy completing a mission in the game I was playing so I didnt give a shit at first. Then I died...shit ah...Looked for the cockroach and it stayed there static swinging it's anthena side to side. Went out to search for the broom and irritate it so that is landed on the floor. After that, luckily it panicked and ran outside to the living room instead of below the beds. Phew...

Outside, I smacked it with the broom once and it was stunned. Swept it towards the front door on the way smacking it one more time cause it started moving again. Outside the front door, I smacked it again just because it's geli. LoL... and swept it away.

Darn cockroach...How was the smacking?...3rd floor also still able to fly in... =.=


EuEu said...

haha. reminds me of my roommate. that day a huge praying mantis landed on the door of our room. n bcoz he's a chicken when it comes to insects, he asked me to get rid of it. i told him to get rid of it himself la, hahaha. he approached the praying mantis slowly with a reader's digest covering his head then the praying mantis flew and hit the fan. seeing my roommates reaction was damn funny. after that i found its headless body under my bed and my neighbour found its head on top of my cupboard. HAHAHAHA. i took both of them and scare my roommate for awhile before throwing it into the bin xD

pynk said...

Lol. Cockroach sucks.

Tete said...

to Eu:
Eww...the head came off...No gooey stuff came out right...? xD

to pynk:
Couldn't agree more. That's why I smacked it three times! LoL

EuEu said...

noopies. the body and head was moving independently though! HAHA.

Tete said...

Holy shiet..That's gay...=.=

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