Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blood Donation Drive

TOday after my class ended at 9am, I went to the library and loitered there till 10am to wait for the hospital ppl to setup their stuff for the blood donation.

It's my second time donating (1st was in NS), so instead of keeping quiet and following instructions like I did the first time, I asked the person in charge of each counter what test are they doing and what is it for.

First, I need to feel up a form the size of A3 (the size of two A4 papers together) with basic info about me and a questionaire asking stuff like whether I got HIV, Hepatitis B, and many more. Then they took my weight. If you are 45 kg and below, you cant donate. I am 60kg with my shoes on...lets say my shoes is about 2kg...DAMN! I am gaining weight!

Then, the next counter is where they use a small needle to prick your finger. After pricking your finger, the guy used something...duno what is it a very thin straw with a pump at the end to suck the blood from your finger. When I asked what was it for, he said its to check whether I have enough hemoglobin. Apart from that, its also used to check your blood group. If not enough, I cant donate. Then he gave me a small blue form to fill because the first time I donated wasnt in Malacca, so they have no record of me there =.= The thing is...he pricked my pointing finger on my right hand which made it hard to fill in the form....

Next is table is where they check for my blood pressure. A strap around the bisep muscles and the thing is pumped with air...My blood pressure was 120+/60+ I think...not sure LoL.It was normal so off I went to the next table. The next table is where they give me a bag with all the things needed to donate blood such as the blood bag, some injection, alcohol soaked cotton bud in a packet, etc.

Now I start donating...first, they put that strap around my biseps again and pumped air into it putting pressure to my arm. Then they gave me a cylinder object to hold and asked me to squeeze it. When I squeezed it, my veins started showing. THat's when they inject me with something...LoL. Forgot to ask what was that for cause I dont really like needles actually...Then here comes the "so much more thicker needle than the injection needle". She poked it into my veins. First, it was connected into a smaller bag which is for testing later to see whether the blood is suitable for the patient who is gonna "use" it. Then it was connected to one of the three comparatively larger bags. Not sure whether my blood filled the three bags or not...What I know is that I donated 400 ml of my 4-6 litres of blood.

What do I feel? I felt great...then I started feeling tired...LoL. My hand still hurts a bit now. I feel glad to donate because while I am still young and healthy, I might as well contribute something rather than wait till I get old and basically not of much use only I think of contributing.

That's it....

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