Monday, July 13, 2009

I will be~~

I will be - Avril Lavigne


Today, my materials lecturer related one of the application of ferromagnetic metals (naturally posesses magnetic field) with our daily stuff. There are two types which is hard metals and soft metals.

This is how he related it....

Hard metals are harder to magnetize and demagnetize while soft metals are easy to magnetize and demagnetize. Some devices requires soft metals and some requires hard metals.

1st way : Its like carbohydrates and fat. One is easier to extract energy from (carbohydrates) and the other is harder (fat). Then why dont we store carbohydrates instead of fat as source of backup energy? Its because storing as fat is less bulky and therefore takes up less space and weighs less. Unlike moving creatures, plants store food in form of carbohydrates cause they dont move. If we were to store food in the form of carbohydrate, we can just cut out part of our body and eat it to get instant energy.

2nd way : Men stores fat in their tummy. Women stores fat in their...? Breast? WRONG! In their thighs and buttocks. Theory is that during ancient times, men go out hunting. If the fat is stored in their thighs and buttocks, they wont be able to run fast. Storing fat in their tummy, where the centre of gravity is, still allows them to run. That's why if you see a policeman with a tummy, dont criticize him, HE CAN RUN!

3rd way : But then tummy isnt a good place to store fat, the best place is the thighs and buttocks. However, men still cant store fat at their thighs and buttocks because of the existance of their genitals. It might disrupt certain "THINGS". Even so, the fat located at the tummy is easier to burn than fat located in the thighs or buttocks.

Conclusion : In the end, it is all based on the application, what characteristics is needed for the device. I am talking bout the metals, not fat.

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