Saturday, July 11, 2009

Different lecturer different style

Today I made a comparison between three lecturers. All three have a Dr. title under their belt.

First, the one teaching me Materials Engineering this semester. He comes in and babble out some stuff regarding elements and says you should know this you might come out in your exam. Then simply just give some questions that I got no idea how to answer even after spending few hours going through the book and notes while searching the internet and says one of them might come out. Scribble something on the white board with...lousy handwriting add with a marker that is almost out of ink. Squinted my eyes till it almost pop-ed due to the pressure...This, I think is the type classic type of lecturer that dont spoon feed.

Second, the one teaching me Engineering Maths 3. He is must know this and that. You just learnt this what...2 weeks ago? Gave it back already? This type of lecturer gives you lots of pressure and makes you doubt your ability to answer any question... >..<

Third, the lecturer that is my tutor for Engineering Maths 3. He is like, this is super hard. Must becareful doing it. This is not easy...He said it gently and calmly; just the way he presents the tutorial classes which makes you want to study properly and not let him down. This type of lecturer is the one that puts himself into your shoes and speaks from your point of view. GREAT!

Different lecturers different style...

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