Sunday, December 14, 2008

A half day trip down to KL

Today, we (Ravi, Mong, Jackson and me) went to KL to hunt for Jackson's Christmas present and also to gai gai and walk walk and look look and wash eyes...LoL

A picture I took before we started journey

So many dolls that can be made a present O.O but none of these are what Jackson is looking for XD

The about two storeys high Christmas tree in Berjaya Times Square

Go! Go! My lazy raindeers! haha

Bloody fatty dont know how heavy he is...XD

Pls ignore the finger...this is Guava SourSoup milkshake. Some got spilled on my pants because of my noobness

Wah! SO many ppl...guess what...JJ is here!

JJ busy signing autograph

Christmas deco

After JJ then got masked rider! haha

Ate at Kenny Rogers for dinner. Chicken N Pasta or something like that. Got this toothpaste for free...should have gave me earlier then I dun need to buy new toothpaste...

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