Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time waits for no one

The day before, in the afternoon I suddenly caught a cold. Started sneezing all over the place... I thought it was just a regular cold where I will be sneezing like hell the whole day and it will get better by the next day.

Bout 5 pm when I was having a class in CLCR0001 (A1), I was sneezing every ten seconds which made me have to pardon myself from the lecture and went back to my apartment. I touched my head and damn! Fever...boiled some water and made myself some medicine (extremely hate to take coz of its bitterness and cooling effect at the same time). If you just chew the medicine you are definitely going to sneeze coz of the cooling effect. Had bread and jem that night.

This morning, I woke up feeling slightly better but still sick. I woke up to pee countless of times last night...In the afternoon I felt so weak and the headache is killing me, so I went to take a nap. COULDNT sleep at all! My body didnt move but my mind was awake. I could hear every conversation taking place in the next room. I was so darn frustrated coz I am using precious time to rest (tonight I gotta study for quiz tomorrow). I woke up and put my clothes to wash for the second round (half automatic washing machine). Then I tried to sleep again...

Again, I couldnt really sleep but this time I didnt get frustrated over it. I simply accepted the fact that I couldnt sleep but at least let my body rest by not moving. After that, I woke up and my head felt better. All the time I was trying to sleep I wished that time would stop until I fall asleep then only continue so that I can maximize my sleeping time but time waits for no one...

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EuEu said...

holy sh*t man
probably the sick season
i just recovered from sick myself
pain in the @ss
nose leak like dono wat
stay healthy man

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