Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The famous Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

I believe most of us know this story about Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde either from short stories we learnt back in high school or novel or movie.

2 days back I got the time to sit down freely and so I picked a movie to watch. After browsing through my movie files, I decided I would watch Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde[2008]. My first inpression was that this movie plot will be like the one I studied back in high school. Guess what...I was wrong.

Basically the idea is the same where this Dr.Jekyll have this truly brilliant idea that another a person has two seperate personalities which is the direct opposite to each other. By experimenting, he brought out Mr.Hyde. Then series of events happen...The same thing like the short story was that it leaves the viewer without a real ending and lets you conclude yourself. The difference is the setting of the story which is modern time in the movie and the conflicts that happens in the movie. To me it is interesting and worth watching.

This whole idea of having two opposite personalities really amaze me. Then questions started popping out of my head:
1. If there is two personalities, why are we in control instead of the other.
2. Can we really bring out the other?
3. When we have evil thoughts, is it the other personality trying to take control? Or when we have pure and good thoughts, is it our own?
which brings me to this question...Are we the evil or the good one?

But in the end I guess I will stick to the fact that nothing is good and evil in this world...there are only actions that brings different kind of consequences.

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