Thursday, August 7, 2008

A nice chit-chat

Basically today I meet up with an old friend of mine and together we go yumcha.
Went to pick her up at her house at about 9 pm then we headed for beach cafe (a nice place to chit-chat).
On the way there, we came across a pasar malam and we detoured to the pasar malam.
We walked and we even chat about durians (its durian season).
So, after the short walk through the pasar malam, we are back on track to the cafe.

Arriving at the cafe, we were brought to a table where we ordered our drinks and catch up on all the things that we missed as well as the things that is about to come.

Having not seen each other for about a year, we just sit there and chat and chat, paying no attention to anything else around us.

Finally about 11 pm, she had to go back home so that she doesnt worry her mother. Drove her back home and a simple bye bye (I am bad at bye byes) then I drove back home and write this blog.

Hope to see her soon and good luck girl! ^.^


JacksonywL said...

any chance of you-know-what?
could have kiss her off though..... virtually when she turns her back on you XD

Tete said...


Someone once told me...

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