Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mid term break

Reunion with my family...^^
My little bro

My mom

Got homecook snack!!!

Banana puff my mom made :D~
The not so good things...
Suddenly come out a lot of pimples...The brown brown thing is medicine I put on my face

Lots and lots of mosquitoes!!!

Other things...

My lil bro bought a new bag...Nowadays small kids bring "rocks" to school >..<

Something I found on my desk...hehe^^

On Sunday morning before going back to Malacca, I played basketball with my secondary school friends. Sad to say I did not want to go back to Malacca...I wished the holiday was longer and I wished to run away from my bloody subjects that I failed to grip with both my hands and finally RUNAWAY from the responsibilities and hopes that chains me to the ground. I want to be the me that used to be daring and reckless but always manage to evade the consequences.

But reality is reality, running away from it is not going to do me any good...
So, back to Malacca I went. When I reach there, I felt a new wind that blew "Come whatever it is, I am going to bulldoze through!".
Then right away I faced my first problem, no internet...after all the checking, my housemate came up with a thought that maybe the insides of my LAN cable was broken due to bending. So, I pulled the cable out from my room all the way to the router which is at the living room (the cable is pasted on the wall together with all my other housemates' cables). Reaching the router, I found out that my cable was not plugged in to the router...SHIT! The head of my cable is hidden somewhere in the shoe rack...There is so many cables with the same head and failing to discover which and where is mine has wasted my time and killed spirit...All I want to do now is sleep and forget about this...Hopefully the sun that rises up tomorrow will bring new life into me...

My freaking long cable that I pulled out...

Haih...Bulldoze! Bulldoze!

1 comment:

JacksonywL said...

1stly, very geli the medicine u put
2ndly, very noob with the cable thingy.
thats all. thank you.

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