Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie's about characters in games/comics

Nowadays, making movie out of characters from games/comics is getting popular. Many of them had me amused and many more had me disappointed.

Recently, I watched Street Fighters: The Legend of Chun-Li. There is just too much plot in the movie that it seems like they are trying to rush everything into that 1 hour and 45 mins. Naturally, rushing stuff makes it look bad. The action scenes is so and so...18PL? Nah...18PL is for movies like Hitman. That is 18PL! For Chun-Li, maybe just a PG-13.

Instead of concentratin too much on the story line, the should concentrate more on Chun-Li's moves. The "Spinning Bird Kick (スピニングバードキック) ,Supiningu Bādo Kikku" didnt look like a looks like breakdance...And where is her Hyakuretsu kyaku (百裂脚) ,Hundred Rending Kicks? That is like her ulti! LoL

The fight with Vega sucked...Vega is a freaking bounty hunter and she kicked his ass like a piece of shit...(Not sure whether they cut any scenes cause their fight was freaking short) Even in the animated movie she was struggling for her life...

Anyway, nice try. Now I am waiting for Wolverine! The major reason is because I want to see Gambit! The trailer looks promising. Oh ya, Dragon Ball Evolution looks like another crap to me...

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