Monday, March 9, 2009


I think the idea to the movie is great but like my brother said, some scenes are just too draggy. The movie is about 2 hours plus. Taking my brothers advice, I restrained from drinking too much Pepsi and my bladder survived through the movie.

The movie sort of reflects on us humans.
1. It shows that human nature is hard to change. We cant stand still and be contented with what we already have and this leads to war.
2. "Superheroes" or you can say "good guys" are not always good-looking.
3. Like father, like child (if you get what I mean)
4. We humans are always looking for someone to blame when there is trouble.
5. A bigger catastrophe will erase all conflicts and bring us together.
6. Peace dont last, cause there will always be people looking for trouble.
7. All humans lust for power.

Ultimately, the whole movie was great if you look from the idea it is trying to portray. Its just that when the Mr. Manhattan (blue guy) talks, I cant help but think that it is sarcastic because his "bottom" is censored.

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