Thursday, March 26, 2009

TI-O (Sounds like D-O xD) MAN

Before departure about 1+ am
From top left: Pei Lin, Irene, Chu Hui, Jackson, Hei Lek, Jing Hong (Ah Gou), Ravi, Loong
From bottom left: Chuin Yan (Ah Mong), Ah Tat, Me (Tete)
Skipped the bus and onto the ferry

Tioman, I see You

Woah, Couldnt believe my eyes when I saw how clear the water is

One of the pets people here rare

The second species people rare. Got chickens and Iguanas also

Sei Jackson, threw my slippers but his sunglasses flew too. Haha

Play water lo...

Where there is sand, there is sand coffins...Burial time!

This looks familiar...Lion King! But this one is Lion Ravi with sunglasses. RAWR!

Mong mong with his face only on the surface

It's okay, I understand your pain...(this pic looks like photoshop-ed xD)

Try and locate the extra accessories....

The three ladies that are with us on this trip. Mi ni my ni mi ni mo...LoL

Still able to smile eventhough extremely hungry...Peace~~
Day 2
Double cheese~~~burger! Haha kids below 18 that are viewing this...I am so sorry. Pls skip to the next pic before your parents catch you.

Preparing to go snorkeling

Too bad there wasnt any photos camera isnt waterproof and so is Mong's. Anyway, we stopped on this island (I dont know the name) to have lunch and take a break.

Drying a towel the old fashion-ed way

Ravi starting the sunbathing disease

Oh, it has spread!

Now everyone is sunbathing. Haha

Found some sea cucumber. Ah...I can feel the saliva in my mouth. Of course I wont eat it raw if that's what you are thinking...=.=

Leading actor for the drama, "MMU goes to Tioman"

"Oh really...?"

That fish weighs 9kgs!! Man...

Smile~~ =)

Day 3
We grabbed some bread from breakfast and fed them to the fishes at the port. Eat fishes...EAT before you get eaten! =P

Unbelievable act caught on camera from the fei lo!
Hmph! Hippo power!

Coke! The beverage everyone has tried before

The End

The trip wasnt too bad except for the full-of-stones-beach. It was my first time and the snorkeling was great! Even without any food in hand, the fishes still surround you making you feel like a part of the whole ocean. Corals were colourful and undamaged. The only thing is that eventhough the beach and sea is considered to be clean, but there are still some rubbish lying or floating around. I hope the people who visit Tioman and those living there itself take good care of the island. Next destination...Redang or Perhentian! Hehe


Mong said...

nice compilation!!
next 1 should be perhentian..redand i went before d..wakaka

EuEu said...

pic number 9: wow u caught the sunglasses dropping

pic number 11: reminds me when u were still small, that face expression ahahha

pynk said...

Oooh~~ FUN! Although I just look at the pics only. Lol.
I wanna have a trip with friends too, but nobody to go with. Haha.

Tete said...

Haha...plan lo...xD

I thought he was posing so I took the pic. Who knows he is throwing my slippers into the sea and I caught his sunglasses falling. Haha

My face havent changed siince then I guess. LoL

I can invite you provided you dont mind mixing with my friends and our holidays clashes ;-)

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