Friday, March 13, 2009

Solo or So Lou

TOday manage to finish the workshop project but the head when drilling, the technician drill until senget already. Then he offer to redo the whole head of the hammer for us. After consulting the lecturer, the lecturer extended our dateline to next friday. Thank goodness cause I am seriously tired of doing this thing by myself and I really cant make it today. By giving me an extension, it relieves me a lot.

Why am I doing 90% of it myself? Cause I am the one who knows how to operate the machine. Not that the rest dont know, it's like they are afraid of screwing the project up. The first time we made the head of the hammer, I screwed up and we needed to cut a new workpiece...actually who give a shit if we screw up. We are still learning and screwing up is a part of learning. There is 4 in our group. 2 is afraid of using the machine, one is either a lazy ass or too busy in his club activities. Nevermind, the last time the lazy ass used the machine I was damn frustrated...It's easy once you know the steps and he made it look so damn complicated using it. I actually took over the machine and in the end, I guess I took over the whole machining by myself...

Today the other two came and help me to finish up the threading and tapping. Above are some pics of the project. The ghost drawing obviously wasnt in any part of the project, just thought that I drew it quite nicely and put it as a part of my history of drawing something on my hand.

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