Monday, October 19, 2009

A Deepavali Weekend

The plan: Celebrate Deepavali at Ravi’s house, go roam some shopping area in KL, stay the night in KL, eat breakfast and go up to Genting and come down the next day.

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The unlucky incident

I packed everything I needed and went to the KTM station. It has been awhile since I took the KTM and that Saturday was not a good time to take one. It was packed and all the way up until KL Sentral, I was being sandwiched in there and it was definitely a sauna room in there. Coming out of the train, I realise the missing weight in my right pocket. I touched and it was gone. My camera was gone just like that. It stunned me for quite some time before I get to recollect myself. I had then just been a victim of a pickpocket.

Deepavali celebration

Nothing I can do anymore so I went up and meet up with Ah Tat (housemate), changed into a fresh shirt and got a train to Telok Gadung (Klang) where we met up with Ah Loong (ex-roommate) and he fetched us to Ravi’s house where we meet up with Jackson, Chu Hui and Ravi of course. Had a great meal in Ravi’s house, rested a bit and off we (Jackson, Ah Tat and me) go heading towards KL.


I slept in the car for a bit but I could hear both Jackson and Ah Tat having trouble getting us to 1-U. I woke up and found myself in Times Square. Haha…We loitered around Times Square, went to the arcade, went out to Jalan Ipoh to have dinner and then went back to Times Square to catch a movie, Pandorum. I enjoyed watching the movie, not too sure about the guy sitting beside me because I jumped in my chair quite a number of times >..<

The hunt for a hotel

We went and asked several hotels that charged more than 100 for a room. After searching for a bit more, we found a decent hotel that offered us 85 ringgit for a room with 2 single bed. Since there was a few more hotels in that row, we went to ask the others first before making our decision. The hotel beside the one we asked had a guy standing outside and a girl with another guy sitting inside. It looked like a two pimps with a hooker so we moved on without asking. The next one didn’t have anybody at the reception so skipped that. The last one was a Chinese guy which offered the last room he has for 60 ringgit. The room was just beside the toilet which is convenient but the bed was not properly tidied. Then he told us that it is usually used for “one hour one hour” thing. That is all I needed to know so we properly declined and went with the 85 per night. When we were checking in, there was a deposit of 40 ringgit required. I dug out all my cash and added up with the rest of the cash from Ah Tat and Jackson and came out short of 10 ringgit…Luckily enough the guy behind the counter was fine with that and gave us the room anyway. Bathed and lights out.


The journey to Genting

Woke up early in the morning and went for breakfast about 8 in the morning and off we go towards Genting. Drove the windy road up the hill and took a cable car (Genting Skyway) to Genting.

The theme park and the pretty girl from Singapore

It wasn’t that cold up in Genting. We didn’t waste much time and got our all theme park wristband. First was the bumper car. After a round of bumping around, we went for the Go-Karts. It was my first time driving one and while lining up there was this girl behind me that keep sticking to my back. Was not quite sure why until I saw a group of guys (look like pervs standing behind her). Then Ah Tat pulled me to the side and allowed here to stand beside me. Up until the waiting room we didn’t speak to her. I peeked at her face when she wasn’t looking and yeah…she is pretty, well my type to be honest. At the waiting room, I split up from Jackson and Ah Tat and sat beside this girl, not purposely but there wasn’t any seat left. I was thinking how to start a conversation when suddenly I received a msg. It was from Ah Tat asking me to talk to her… =.= So, I opened my mouth and talked to her. She was nice. A Singaporean, first time here in Genting, second time driving a Go-Kart, WORKING…., here with her family, going down Genting today. I introduced myself as Tete and she introduced herself as Stacy…and off we go to the Go-Karts. After the Go-Karts, I didn’t get to talk to her or say goodbye which left me kind of disappointed. She was in a hurry after checking her phone and left. ARGH…sad.

The bloody Indian Guy that took a piss out in the open eventhough the toilet was so close by

Tried other rides and when we were on the antique car, we passed by an Indian guy taking a piss in a passage behind a wall away from the crowd. He definitely thought he was safe with his two other friends watching the passage for him but little did he know that we being in the antique car can see him clearly. Jackson shouted out “Oi” and he panicked. LOL…Not sure whether he “emergency brake” the rest of his pee or he has finished peeing, he quickly moved away and zipped his jeans and that left his friends laughing…

The sucky lunch and mist

Ate at a steamboat buffet which sucks but considered cheap in Genting and continued playing. Then about 5pm came a gust of wind bringing along with it, mist. Woah…it became chilly after that. Again we did not book a room here in Genting so we went to check whether there were anybody who gave up their bookings but found none.

The hunt for a room up in Genting

There was this aunty that approached us and offered us a room but the price she offered was 50 ringgit higher. We were on the way to check the room out and suddenly she asked us to head up the lift to the 19th floor. She won’t be following but told us that someone will meet us up there. I didn’t like the feeling of being chopped directly (if you are being chopped not knowingly, you are too naïve but being chopped straightforward like that…I felt like smacking her face) while Ah Tat was being cautious about being ganged on and robbed. Jackson consulted his dad on the phone and his dad was worried about being chased out later by someone claiming the room to be theirs. So, we went to the 20th floor instead and Ah Tat and I went down to have a look while Jackson stayed put. We went down by stairs and saw two aunties waiting there.

The decision and alternative

We ignored them and went up using the lift to get Jackson and we decided not to take the room and went down instead. We changed our plan to go down the cable car and drive Jackson’s car up all the way and sleep in it if we have to.

The execution of the plan and the panic Indian Guy

So we ate our dinner at the food court and down we went. At the Genting Skyway. We met an Indian guy asking us how to get to Putra Line so that he can get back to KL. Apparently he was told by the counter that there weren’t any busses left to KL and he was panicking. We told him instead to go down the cable car and figure out from there because at the bottom station was a bus station as well. He sat in the same cable car as us and we chatted. He was from India, 25 years old, graduated with a Bachelor in Engineering (BE he calls it), currently working for China Mobile a service provider in China like Maxis, DIGI, Celcom… working as a software engineer, came here for a meeting, one more week before going back to India, first time up Genting, came alone, a guy he is working with (local) told him that coming up here is the same way to go down so he just came but didn’t realise that it would end up like this. At the bottom we parted ways wishing him good luck and drove the car back up.

Night entertainment

We parked the car in First World hotel parking lot, changed shirt etc…and went to have more fun. Played the M-16 shooting thing, sucked at aiming just like back in NS; played bowling, sucked at it too.

My first cup of coffee that costs more than 10 ringgit

Went to Coffee Bean to rest our aching feets, charge the phones, and get a cup of coffee. Jackson went first and got his cup while Ah Tat and I calculated our spending and split it. It was stuffy in there and wireless wasn’t available so off we went to search for Starbucks. Coming to Coffee Bean was already a long journey and we had to walk another long journey to Starbucks. On the way, Jackson with his ice-blended cup of caramel I-don’t-know-what was sort of popping while walking because of the cool air xD. There, Ah Tat and I ordered our cup of ice-blends. I ordered ice-blended mocha. Too bad the wireless service there was out of order as well. Off we went on another journey to another Starbucks café. My feet was hurting like hell reaching there. While Jackson was busy trying to get online and Ah Tat was busy sms-ing with someone, I fighting to stay awake drinking my mocha which was slowly turning into torture cause it was so darn bitter. After what felt like an eternity, I forcefully sucked up the rest of my mocha and we headed to the car.

The problem of sleeping

Tried to sleep in the basement but it was getting stuffy, so we drove out in search of a parking spot which is luminated by light. After we have found one near a “pondok polis bantuan”, we tried to sleep. The problem I faced was the uncomfortable twisting of my body to fit the available position. A few times my left thigh and yeah, my left ball/nut/testicle went numb O.O .Once my left leg nearly cramp.


Woke up straight away go down from Genting and Jackson fetched Ah Tat and I to Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM station where he took LRT and I took KTM home.

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