Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nice one ang moh lang

Today I was supposed to go KL to meet a dermatologist so that he can look at my face and find a solution for it. After driving there, there was a notice on his door saying, "we wont be open from 14/10/09 to 24/10/09. We will be open on 26/10/09". All the way there and this...=.=

So instead we went to Hai-O so that my mom could get some health products and on the way there I saw this ang moh wearing this T-shirt that goes, "Blowjob is better than No job". Nice one one local would dare wear so a thing.

After that, we stop by Petaling Street to have the famous corner stall longan drink. My cup had lots of longan but my mom's didnt and she complained no longan in her drink. When I offer she decline...haha...Then I saw another ang moh sitting there drinking beer (there got lots of ang moh drinking beer), as I pass him by, a lady from the opposite direction also passed by. Then the ang moh said, "Excuse me! Excuse me!" When the lady turn around he raised his right hand and said, "High five? High five?". The lady played along and gave him a high five. Haha...super cool. Of course you can guess the lady was hot, if not I dont think he will ask for a high five xD

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