Friday, October 30, 2009

I got a cute and also scary pupil O.O

This semester I became a teacher and my student is a girl I know from basketball. Well, she can be cute most of the time but today I saw the other side of her. It was raining and she insisted on me following her back to her apartment and there she already asked her housemate to fetch me back home. Of course, I felt a bit shy because I dont know her housemate and she had to fetch me back to my place...In addition, eventhough her apartment was nearby, we still had to get caught under the rain which means we will still get wet and I felt not right to go in to someone's car dripping wet. When the time came for us to go back, I refused to follow her and that was when I saw her scary/angry face. It was scarier than any ghost movie that I can assure you. But I stood by my decision and didnt followed her. Then she asked me to stay there and wait for her to bring me an umbrella. She also threatened me that if I left that spot she will never speak to me again >..< So, I stayed there and got an umbrella to accompany home.

I wanted to walk under the rain so.........bad T_T

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cutie lin said...

jz follow the flowwww....flow like how the rain flowwwwww in the drain.

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