Friday, October 9, 2009

A tribute to Ah Mong (Chuin Yan)

If you are thinking, "WHAT?! He was BURIED ALIVE?!!!" the answer is "YOUR HEAD LA!".
Today was the last day he wass officially with us. By that I mean he is going for his industrial training next sem and then graduating. Show you all somemore highlights of him...

the pic above might be the reason why they started calling him ah mong

This is how I somehow got to know him.
After getting to sort of talk to Ravi and Hei Lek (still felt awkward talking to both of them then), after that one day, Ah Mong started showing up at EP. On that day, I pass through Gou and Mao's room and found that there is a stranger I didnt know. Being as I am, (I paiseh with new people one okay... xD) I sort of ignore the guy, went to the toilet and back to my room while hearing them laughing out loud in there. Days passed on...most of them with him around and then one day....I cant really remember who's car it was and where we were planning to go; I was in a Kancil (I think) with Ravi driving, Hei Lek in the front passenger sit and Mong and me behind. Ravi drove to Ixora cause I overheard them talking and Mong said that he needed to get some stuff (dont see me quiet quiet so so dei like that, actually I am listening). Then when Mong went out, I ask Ravi,
Me, "He is your coursemate ah?"
Ravi, "Yeah but different intake"
Me, "What is his name? Ah Mong?"
Both Ravi and Hei Lek laugh.
Me, "No meh? I hear you all call him Ah Mong."
Ravi, "No la" (but he didnt tell me Ah Mong's name =.=)
Me, "Then how to call him?"
Hei Lek, "Ah Mong la! Hehe..."
I dont know when we started talking but I know from then on I called him Ah Mong! xD
This fella is the only Arsenal fan I know in Malacca. Others semua MU, MU...sibeh mou heng.
But, he likes to emo here, emo there. Now better already la can say but still got emo.
I remember got one time they pulled an all nighter (I tak boleh tahan, so sleep first) then in the morning we go eat dim sum. At that time he always wear cap one, and on that morning he wore a cap too. They were talking talking then the topic turned to Ah Mong wearing a cap. So , I sort of generally asked "people that didnt bathe always wear cap one huh? Ah Mong always wear cap that means didnt bathe la...haha..." (my god...the joke was so damn lame and cold, I laughed there alone =.=). Then someone diao me (I think Jackson) and everyone walk quiet quiet.
Can say this sem only I really get to know him because we stay together. Last time when in UG still got little bit paiseh paiseh. Now...sohai here sohai there, ***i here ***i there, and so on so forth. Became his punching bag pulak...
Okay la...let's all wish him good luck and "You better call me to your wedding!" LoL...take care man...
*I know you want to cry need hide hide...wakaka*


chuin yan said...

~~wu wu wu~~

Tete said...

cry meh...haha

chuin yan said...

nah..i didn!!haha
u joked about the cap before huh?how come i dont remember?

Tete said...

that one sibeh lou lan i sure remember la...haha

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