Monday, December 14, 2009

8 to 10 pm class...=.=

before that, yesterday i went to play basketball. While dribbling towards the rim...jumping towards the rim to be more precise, I lifted the ball up but my left elbow caught something...the opponent's teeth! when I looked back at my elbow after I unexpectedly managed to lucky shot that ball into the rim, I realised a piece of skin with flesh was out of place and there is a hole there. Then blood started oozing out. the blood was thick, dark and viscous. Ignoring it, I continued playing and the blood dried up. when i went back to get a better look at it in the mirror...WTF...its like his two front teeth sunk right into my elbow! not sure whether his teeth is alright...but DAMN, this is definitely gonna leave a scar. I am gonna tell my kids next time, "someone bit your daddy here last time".

This week, is subject registration week. according to schedule, you are supposed to register you subjects you are taking next sem. mine was this wednesday. looking at the timetable for next sem i got furious. WHY? I got classes on mondays and tuesdays at 8pm to 10pm. WTF time is that? Never had a class at that kind of time slot before. It sucks even more if you have morning class, then afternoon, and night then next morning...Thankfully I didnt have that shitty timetable. But night time really sucks. night time is when i do my tutorials, go through my assignments or studies...if it is 8-10...what more can i do after 10? will be tired by then. MMU is accepting more students every year without having enough venue for lectures =.=

Okay, lets say i just take the night classes and swallow it. there, end of story. what freaking irritates me even more is that on friday, i dont have any class (unless i have lab) the whole morning and suddenly i have one at 6 pm in the evening...It is an hour class! OMG! one hour class stopping me from going back to my hometown 4-5 hours is like asking me to skip that class...that's not know fridays...muslim prayers...ALL THE CLASS STARTS 30 MINUTES LATER THAN SCHEDULED. meaning instead of 6 pm, its gonna start at 6.30 pm =.=


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