Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ah Tat, Ah Mao and Ah Gou

This brings me back to my first day in MMU. I just finished my first day of orientation. It was time to look for a place to stay. An orientation committee introduced to me Ixora and EP. By chance I chose EP and soon I was at EP's front door. Many parents together with their kids were there registering. I lined up and then asked for empty rooms. For Block A (guys block at that time), most of the vacant rooms was facing outside except for one. Without much thought, I chose that one empty spot left facing inside, apartment A-03-08 Room 1. Funny if I had chose Ixora or any other apartment besides A-03-08, I wont meet up with any of them and I wont be writing this blog either. Anyway, I went in my room and first person I met was of course my roommate. I remembered how he said, "paiseh paiseh" and shifted his stuff from the empty bed....to the middle of the room =.= His hair back then was long and curly. Enough about him, later two people came back. They stood at the door frame and introduced themselves as Ah Tat and Jackson. The Ah Tat back then was the fit type of Ah Tat xD Since I had no PC of my own yet, he invited me to go to his room if I felt bored or I need to use a computer. That day, I didnt went out of my room except for the toilet. I could hear laughter from Room 4 (Mao's and Gou's room) and I felt like joining them but I am afraid I might feel sesat being there and they might feel awkward that I am there, so I continued to stay in my room. Went to eat for dinner at a chinese shop my mom took me to eat for lunch (now became BATAVIA). Came back and lay on my bed. While I lay on my bed I felt scared and very insecure, everything moved so quickly. I got my offer letter just 2 days ago and here I am already, in this new environment, far away from home, alone. It was only about 8.30 that time, then I heard a knock on my door and my roommate opened it. I pretended to sleep because at that time, tears was rolling down my cheek already. They wanted to ask me to go with them for dinner and my roommate told them I was asleep already. So, they left and I fell asleep.

Next morning was second day of orientation. I got ready and to my surprise, the two Room 4s got ready too. I thought they were already staying here for quite sometime. So, I waited for them and went to the orientation together. Ah Gou introduced himself as Eric. Ah Mao was quite hesitant introducing himself. "I am Alston...you want to call me Wan Yen also can". When I introduced myself as Kuang Te there were surprised too. They asked me for an English name but I said I dont have one. By this time, we were walking in front of FBL towards old FOSEE, climbing the slight incline of the slope. When saving their phone numbers, I saved them as Jing Hong and Wan Yen =) At the orientation, we split as I sat in the front seat and they sat at the back. We met again briefly during break. The mihun sucked but I ate two packets cause I was hungry. That night I ate dinner on my own as well but this time I did not feel so lonely anymore. They made me promise to eat with them the next day and........that was how we became A-03-08. Jackson did asked me what Ah Mao and Ah Gou intro themselves as, he laughed at what I told him and introduced them as Ah Mao and Ah Gou and that is what we call them till today.

For Hei Lek and Ravi...next sem....xD

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