Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Christmas

Event: Christmas eve party
Place: Friend's friend's house
People there: Susan, Irene, Phyllis, Pei Lin, Chu Hui, 2 more of the girls' friends, Susan's brother Eddy (I hope my spelling is right), Ah Tat, Ah mong, Ravi, Hei Lek, Ah Mao, Ah Gou, Jackson and me.

After dinner, we gathered at the house (a bungalow) which for me can be called the perfect house to come home to except that there is too many air-conds. At the beginning, it was just eating chips and drinking a little beer. Then Ah Tat and me went to try make us some edible tang yuan which the girls bought earlier on.

Santa Tete (took someone's hat xD)

Boiling the tang yuan first

Transferring it to the ginger + malacca brown sugar

Santa's beautiful little helper, Irene

Group photo~~

The card game

Rules: No looking at your card. The previous loser chooses whether the biggest card or smallest card loses. Add liquor at your own risk while holding up your card on your forehead then everyone puts down your card. Loser drinks.

The first few rounds of drinks and mao was feeling uncomfortable already(he took 4 glass consequently). I'll admit I was heating up as well after one glass of vodka + chivas + beer a crazy concoction.


Later, the chair became Ah Mao's permanent resting place (mind you, he is not dead)

Eyes getting heavy, the world is darkening...haha

Saw, Ah Mao? still on the couch...xD

Couple power, Chu Hui and Ravi

Hmm...seen this photo before. Ei, Pei Lin, tukar pose once awhile la =P

The expression on Ravi's face is priceless. His hyper mode activated by now

Group photo again...

Human art...with a permanent marker

Astro boy?

Gou's cute pose

Need to win if not need to drink

Awhile later Irene went home because she cant stay out too late

Not long after that: The last picture I took of myself before I took a nap on the couch

THE AFTERMATH: I woke up to find everything in a havoc. I asked Jackson what happened cause he is the most sober one around and found out they drank somemore after that till...all was drunk.

Ravi gg-ed on the other couch

I wasn't feeling too well yet. Went to wash some dishes but was getting dizzier by the moment so I hurried back to lay down. A few minutes later, I felt better.

Summary of the different types of character when they are drunk,
1st type: Drunk then go into hyperactive mode and played more games to make others drunk until he KO.
2nd type: the common type but it was my first time seeing this, "I am not drunk, I still can drink" all the while holding an empty bottle.
3rd type: "Look at me, I am not drunk. He (pointing at someone)....he IS drunk". With eyes opening so big it was hard to believe he/she wasn't drunk.
4th type: Awake but feeling super uncomfortable, therefore, vomitting with a super pitiful face.
5th type: The one that is drunk already but still able to take care of the other drunk ones. The face shows a frustrated face trying to keep everyone still. Irritating, cause keep on ending a sentence with, ".....okay?". EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE!

6th type: THE MOST DAMN BLOODY ANNOYING ONE! Drunk but still moving around talking nonsense, smiling, not listening to others but want others to listen to him, "Oi" here and there, calling other people for I don't know what, disturbing other already resting people. BOSSY AND BITCHY is the word. My god, never knew someone can be so annoying.

That's it. Merry Christmas everyone. Hopefully the house doesn't look so messed up after the cleaning up. It will definitely smell of beer though...

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