Saturday, February 7, 2009


Wanted to upgrade my RAM in my laptop for sometime now...Last Monday I went to a computer shop here in Malacca and asked for their opinion on how much RAM can I upgrade to. The fella said about 3-4gb. Since my laptop has only 2 slots for RAM and that two slots are currently holding 512mb each, I thought it was more worth it if I changed one of them to a 2gb RAM. When I wanted to add another 2gb RAM to my laptop, he said it was out of stock. I was quite indecisive that day cause if I have 2gb at one slot and 512mb at wont be balance and I think it might not function smoothly. So, I told the fella I will wait first.

After checking the website again (I checked before but I dont want to believe), I confirmed that my laptop can support a maximum of 2gb only. If I get more than that, it will just go to waste. So, I went back to the shop and got myself 2 pieces of 1gb RAM and ta-daa...I now have my laptop at full performance! The loading speed increase is quite noticable and I am happy with it. The two pieces of RAM cost me RM94. Before new year, they were RM40 each =.=
I think I made a right decision by upgrading now cause I think the price will increase somemore as the demand for DDR 2 RAM will be decreasing. Anyway, 2gigs babeh...syiok!

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