Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY and sem break is over...

Recap on what I did this CNY

On the 1st day, the whole family went down to Segamat (my father's side) to see my grandma then came back up back to Kajang before the eclipse (my mom said it was bad to travel during the eclipse...Why? something to do with negative energy and stuff)

2nd day, we had a gathering at my uncle's place somewhere in Semenyih (this time, my mom's side of the family). We had steamboat and I met my super cute but naughty cousin...Later after lunch, my big bro and me went to Kok Leong's house then hopped to Tan's girlfriend's house, then to Sam's house for dinner then back to Kok Leong's house.

3rd day, my friends invited me to Klang so I woke up about 9am and starte my journey from Kajang KTM station to Teluk Gadong where my friend will be waiting for me. The journey took almost 2 hours! O.O By the time I was in Klang, I was tired already...So Ravi picked me up from the station back to his house and met up with Jack then we went to our first destination, Chu Hui's house. After about 30 mins drive I guess, we reached at her house. Loong is there also. Arriving at the front gate there stood a small sized dog. At the sight (or maybe scent) of us, it became restless...Oh yeah, at Kok Leong's house I met his dog also, Rain. Also another hyperactive dog, jumping, sniffing and, we lepak there for a while and played some cards (gamble) before we went to Pei Lin's house which was about another 30mins drive...OMG I didnt know Klang was this big!
A bit shocked when we reached there...Pei Lin's house was huge~~~ When we arrived, her family was just going out. Wished her family Happy New Year then went in to eat cookies...hehe ^^ Played some cards while watching tv...suddenly I felt very tired...maybe her house was too spacious and comfortable LoL. Watched and tried to learn playing 3 person mahjong but still dont get how to count... Later we went to Bukit Raja Jusco to catch a movie. We decided to watch Red Cliff 2.

Woah I tell you...sibeh syok xD The strategy, the deception, the sacrifice, the determination...Fuh...This is what you call history. Not like our country's =x

Cut short, had dinner then went back.

4th and 5th day, basically rest at home and played DotA with my brother. At home, we played a four player game involving money too...MONOPOLY! haha...

That's it, here are the rest of the eclipse caught on my camera with the help of dark film and my lil bro at the end.

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Ping said...

Happy CNY!!
Yea wei, I agree about Red Cliff 2! Quite syok watching their strategies.. Hehe..
I missed the solar eclipse. T.T I was so looking forward to it but then I forgot about it on that day. -.-''

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