Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Straighten up TETE!

Today my lecturer did a bit more than he was paid to which is sharing his advice.

Mr Yap from Applied Dynamics showed us a few slides about job as an engineer and the competition.

He highlighted two main points which I think is very ultimately important!
1. Once I graduate, I would have to compete with at least 3100 other Mechanical graduates from all over Malaysia.

2. Most of the job advertisement from companies require a minimum of second upper or 3.3 CGPA.

My mom told me before that if I want a good job I need to be more than just normal but the truth is...how more? What is defined as more?

My CGPA is 3.5 something which is scary cause it is critical. Might drop anytime...

My lecturer also specifically ask us to play less DOTA! Dang...lol...how did he know xD

Got to set my goals straight and make sure I carve my own path instead of being forced down a path I dont want to go through.


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EuEu said...

I think what mom meant more than normal is not an extraordinary 4.01 cgpa but an extra skill u have. like being able to converse in other foreign language. MNC's would love that. It's not only limited to language though. The employers want something more than ability to read and score in exams.

Someone once told me...

Knowledge is obtained through your own effort and hard work. Keep it up!

"A's" are for God, "B's" are for lecturers, "C's" are for students and "F's" are for animals.

A good leader will always be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave.

Try to smile no matter what, cause you never know when your smile could lighten up someone's day as well as it will lighten up mine.

There are two types of leader, "THE EFFECTIVE - result based without considering the procedure" and "THE EFFICIENT - procedure based without considering the results"

Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal

Original version
"If it doesn't kills you, it will only make you stronger"
My version
"CHARGE!!! unless you are dead..."

The medium of transfer is not what matters, it's the value of the content!

This is what I told myself: Bullshit lecturer + Insufficient notes = YOU ARE SCREWED!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you (referring to the whole class) all the luck in your future -Dr Nabil

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There is time to have fun and there is time to study

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