Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 on 3, King of the Court and...Happy Birthday Irene!

This morning was the 3 on 3 game...this morning's problem is no first aid kit...the rest went well.
We even had a team of our own consist of me, Ravi, Jack and Hei Lek. For the group stage we were lucky to get into a group where there isnt much pro team. We managed to get first in the group. Then came quarter-finals...this time a bit very unlucky coz we met the team that eventually became the champion of the 3 on 3. Super strong team of International Students (Roy, Zorro, Andre and Zayad). Well, it went well so...satisfied.

Next was King of The Court, Shu Yi (aka Gao Lao) won above 175cm category and Zayad won below 175cm.

At night, we were invited to Irene's house to celebrate her birthday party. When I saw her house, my jaw dropped...*speechless*. Damn paiseh when want to enter her house compound. Most of the girls there wore dresses...including the birthday girl...all also "beautiful" looking (the term I use for describing pretty girls with womanly look). WOW! Then there was this one girl who wore a mini skirt so mini you can almost but couldnt not see her......

The interior of the house was excellent, it's like a perfect home with everything you need just a stone throw away. Then, I realised one thing, this family is a peaceful one cause you can feel the peaceful atmosphere surrounding the whole house. Took some pictures and then sang the birthday song for Irene then ate some cake, walk around the house and chatted...then went home.

After going to Irene's house I doubted myself whether I will ever be able to achieve something like that. So, I now set myself another goal for me to achieve...a nice spacy and peaceful home so that my future family will always have a place to retreat to from the harshness of the outside world and my future kids to grow up in a good environment (thought too far ahead, get a home first...get a home first). I will achieve this with my own hands! My own sweat and blood!

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