Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life is a stage...all you are doing is an act

Sitting there at the booth all alone wasn't so bad after all. Why?
The indistinct chattering wasn't too loud that it was disturbing and not too soft that it was creepy.
A few people passing by, smilling, trying to look graceful walking which reminded me of this sentence that I wanted to think about..."Life is a stage"

Everyone has their own personal stage. Some perform for themselves and others do it to attract others which often leads to competition for fame, thus jealousy.

Everyone is also a judge as well as an audience to everyone else. Some applaude, some leaves you alone and some criticizes; yeah..."boos"

The purpose is to give everyone a performance that is acceptable to the majority and climb yourself up to be the "top star". And when it is not accepted, you make your performance "unknown" to others.

Some puts on a mask, some has natural attraction, some uses deception, some...merely shows us the truth. Which is which? It is impossible to know. Only the performer knows...

It was a bit strange when I heard it at first when I was a kiddo but now when I have more wisdom...hey! it perfectly fits in every way. Life IS a stage...Now the following question is "why must it be this way?" Why must we perform? Is there something at the very end of our "performance career" that is there for us to achieve like an award? Well, the answer will have to wait...

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Someone once told me...

Knowledge is obtained through your own effort and hard work. Keep it up!

"A's" are for God, "B's" are for lecturers, "C's" are for students and "F's" are for animals.

A good leader will always be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave.

Try to smile no matter what, cause you never know when your smile could lighten up someone's day as well as it will lighten up mine.

There are two types of leader, "THE EFFECTIVE - result based without considering the procedure" and "THE EFFICIENT - procedure based without considering the results"

Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal

Original version
"If it doesn't kills you, it will only make you stronger"
My version
"CHARGE!!! unless you are dead..."

The medium of transfer is not what matters, it's the value of the content!

This is what I told myself: Bullshit lecturer + Insufficient notes = YOU ARE SCREWED!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you (referring to the whole class) all the luck in your future -Dr Nabil

Share knowledge because it multiplies, dont share money because it divides.

There is time to have fun and there is time to study

Put all your eggs into one basket and watch it

Always ask yourself, "what happened? what actually happened?" - Kok Lin