Sunday, November 23, 2008

My hand like Char Siew red (sunburn)

I brought my camera to the court today but forgot that I brought it there...deng
Well, today was all the shootout games.
Before the shootout we prepared the court. I think while sweeping, the dirt got to my arm and later it was itching like hell! There were many "mosquito like" bite marks...Walao, I also wan to shoot leh... So I thought to to shoot like this...

Then I went home to wash up and put Nixoderm (very handy for skin related things). By the time I went back to the court, the girls shootout was over...Ah Hui won the other three girls and got herself RM50 plus medals.

The next one was 2 point shootout. The first round I owned with the highest points, 14 points. Then at the second round, my shots missed its target...wasted sia...In the end Eugene won the two-point shootout.

Last shootout of the day, 3 point shootout! This one I know I have little hope of winning. The first round I got 7 points and with that 7 points I qualified for second round XD. At the second round I totally lost focus and strength and only manage to get 4 points...LOWEST! hahaha

Nvm la, getting to shoot for 2 rounds each shootout is worth my 8 ringgit. Ah Pang won the three point shootout whooping everybody else. Tomorrow will be the last event! Skill Challenge.

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