Thursday, November 13, 2008

BDay party

Yesterday 12 NOV 2008 was Ravi's birthday and a day before was Hsiang's birthday, 11 NOV 2008. They decided they wanted to celebrate in Pure Bar. So there we were at about 9.30 pm. The bar was almost empty with just a few people drinking beer and talking. So we waited...ordered our drinks and waited for the rest of the group to come. When they arrived, we chatted a bit then the opening of the first bottle of Black Label. They bought two bottles for RM 550! First round everybody must toast a drink to the two birthday boys. Of course the Black Label was mixed with coke to dillute it. After that, they kept on drinking and I keep on drinking as well till about the fifth glass of mixed alcohol and coke, I started to feel dizzy and felt like fainting. I washed my face at the toilet and realise it didnt help much. By that time, the time was about 11. The bar got funkier with more people coming in and drinking and dancing. So, I danced my head off and later I felt better...the dizzyness subsided. Drank a few more glass of coke, then we danced in a group to the super loud music with bass that can make your heart beat to it! In the end, both the birthday boys felt sick and vomitted. Then we took supper at a roti bakar stall. Ah mong also felt sick but couldnt vomit. I found out today that he vomitted one mouth out of the passenger side of his car's window XD

Mao mao and me,
Group photo and obviously my face is red,
From top left, Chu Hui, Pei Ling me and down there, Ah mong XD

Dancing to the music (my face looks weird) XD

My hair got messed up by the ventilator...

Ravi, mao and mong

Me, Chu Hui and Pei Ling (we dont smoke! That box there belongs to Hei Lek. Bought it for collection...or maybe because of the salegirl...XD)

Group photo,

From top left, me, Hei Lek, Ravi, at btm left Loong and mao mao

From left gou gou, Hsiang (birthday boy), ah mong, Jackson and me sesat

Group photo, the cylinder case is for the bottle of the Black Label

Loong, me and mao mao

Aiya Loong's and Hei Lek's face got cut off XD

More group photos...

Ravi...(before drinking and getting drunk)

I thought I wouldnt like it going to a bar but turns out, its fun once in awhile to go and drink some alcohol to get yourself high so that you can dance your ass off!

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