Friday, November 7, 2008

What a journey...

Today I was supposed to go to UH Trading, sort of like a design shop that make s souvenirs, printing, etc.

I set my alarm to 8.00am but I woke up at ten instead because the sun was shining on my legs! XD

I took a bath, went to buy two kaya buns for breakfast and waited for the bus to MITC (the shop is somewhere there). The first bus was a "BASWIRA". Asked the driver and she said that I need to take a "BASTUAH" to go there. So, I waited for the BASTUAH and luckily the bus stopped about 500m from the shop.

I did my asking on the medals for MMU Basketball Club upcoming event and it took less than 10 mins. Now, time to go back...I did not see any bus around so I decided to go back to MITC cause I saw some canopies there. Might be something interesting, I thought.

On the way there, I step on something that made a "ching" sound. I guess I am money minded cause I stopped and picked up this coin...

Laying there on the tar road in the middle of the parking lot, I bet it has gone through the worst of the worst. You can hardly see the "bunga raya" anymore.

Well, the event at the canopies was a showcase...of what, I am not sure but it did not interest me. I went and grab my lunch at a restaurant nearby (dont remember the name). I have only eaten here once before. Well, it is quite expensive but considering the quality of the is worth it. I ate rich with sotong; pineapple, onion, cucumber salad; and quite a big piece of chicken. Ate it halfway and I could not swallow anymore. Taking sometime to recover, I managed to finish my food. I hate wasting food and I will hate myself even more later when I am hungry.

Now, time to go back. I flagged a bus down which was also BASTUAH. When asked whether it goes to Bukit Beruang (my Uni), the fellow said no. Ah...crap...

I made up my mind to walk all the way back. I am stuffed anyway, should be a good exercise to keep my food down. 1/3 of the journey the sky was very kind to me by providing clouds to shelter me from the scorching sun. It took me an hour to reach back (11.33am - 12.30pm) but the journey was alright. I have not walked like this since secondary school and it felt great. Like last time, I walked while talking to myself or keeping quiet and thinking about nothing at all. I find peace in moments like this.

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