Friday, January 23, 2009

Game - Left 4 Dead

This is a hell of an exciting game to play.
I went out to yumcha with my bro, Kok Leong and lantau last night and after that we went to search for a CyberCafe with Left 4 Dead.

We played a multiplayer map consisting of 4 players max. (that's why its called Left 4 Dead). We must survive from one map to another by killing zombies and reaching safe houses. The map is quite simple and not confusing. There is only one way to go, you just have to search for it.

You are allowed one primary weapon (the strong weapon), one secondary weapon (a handgun), a grenade, a healthpack and a painkiller.

Primary weapon:
1) Shotgun (pump gun) - early game you will have this as your weapon weapon of choice. Pump gun indicates that you have to pump it after shooting a bullet.

2) Semi-machine gun (uzi) - also provided in safe house during early game.

3) Auto shotgun - this is provided later in the game. You can spam 10 bullets before needing to reload.

4) M-16 rifle - also provided later in the game. I love this gun.

5) Sniper - According to my bro, this sniper is a one-shot-ko gun. I picked it up once but threw it because in order to snipe, you need to click on the centre mouse.

Not sure whether there are others but this is what I gather from my experience.

Secondary weapon:
1) Handgun - 15 bullets and unlimited reloads.

2) Double handgun - acquirable when you find another handgun lying somewhere. 30 bullets unlimited reloads.

Can only carry one grenade. When thrown, all zombies will be attracted to the light and Ka-BAMM! Happy Holidays SUCKERS! Grenades can be found throughout the game.

Similar to the grenade, you can only hold one healthpack and it can be found throughout the game. I think it heals about 60 health. Can be used to heal your teammates.

Can only hold one, can be found throughout the game. It is used to temporarily restore your health so that you can move like normal (when your health reach a critical low, you will move slower which makes you easier to be killed by zombies).

The Zombies:
1) Normal zombies: The will just be around swaying here and there. If you shoot them and they didnt die or they notice you, they will run at you.

2) Smoker: This ball-less zombie will hide somewhere and pull you with it's tongue draining you off your life every moment. You will be immobilized and your teammate needs to kill it in order to save you. When it dies, it blasts into smoke hence the name smoker.

3) Hunter: This bloody-frog (not a frog) zombie will leap towards you and once it gets on you, it will rip you apart. To get rid of it's hold, your teammate must shoot it.

4) Tank: This f*cking-fat-ass zombie is just like it's name. Running towards you, it hammers you which is damn painful. Spam at it till it dies.

5) Witch: Hohoho...this b*tch right here is a pain in the ass. If you are not prepared and accidentally startled it, be ready to lose a lot, a lot! of health. Once startled, it runs while screaming at you and hits you (high damage). It's life is like a tank's. Gang up on it early and kill it before it reaches any of you.

6) Boomer: This b*stard right here vomits on you which blurs your vision while attracting other zombies to you at the same time. It explodes when you kill it and standing too near to it results in lost of health.

Except for the normal zombies, the will be like a notice on your screen and also sound indicating the presence of the special zombies. Not sure whether there are other types of zombies because I played only one map.

Now we come to the interesting part...Some of the stupid things I did...
1) I stand on top of a trailer while the rest has gone down to get a better look at the incoming zombies, then I got pulled from behind by a smoker and they couldnt help me. Fell down (You will fall down when your health reaches zero and if nobody comes and bring you up, you die).

2) There are propane gas tanks and boxes of fuel throughout the map which you can use to position and blow them up. What I did was instead of picking it up using the "e" button, I click left click and blast it while standing on dropped to 20+

3) Because my brother was playing the character of an african-american, his character is darker than the rest. Once I mistaken him for a zombie and spammed bullets on him...swt. There is friendly-fire so dont shoot your teammates!

My review is that this is a nice and interesting game where you can practice teamwork and feel the adrenaline of zombies jumping at you. Due to the requirement of the game, I don't think I will be playing this game anytime soon unless I go to a CyberCafe again.

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EuEu said...

Other weapons I know that u 4got to mention: dual handgun, molotov cocktail

Other weapons I know that u haven't got the chance to see b4: chain gun xD

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