Sunday, January 11, 2009

He came and left a mark in our Uni life

Today my roommate left us for Cyber. He is pursuing a degree in Accounting. The course is offered only in June for the June intake students. Being a January intake student, he have to shift to Cyber. Last night we had our last dinner eating ikan bakar then our last supper at the mamak stall beside I-relax.

When I first met him after my NS, I did not really like him because he seems to have comments about almost everything. After awhile I think somebody told him that, then he quiet down for sometime. Actually I prefer him commenting rather than keeping quiet. Later, I think I got used to it I dont mind him commenting anymore. It's something like immunity...haha

After sometime I find that he is quite alright. As a roommate, so far the best roommate compared to the other three before this (Mr. WhyHeGotSoManyThings, Mr. Tembikai and Mr. WhyHeSleepSoEarly). Will miss playing Pro-soccer evolution xD

For this type of times, I have a very suitable song. "Seasons in the sun by Westlife"
Good luck roommate!


Photo taken during his birthday

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