Thursday, January 1, 2009

The intersection between 2008 and 2009

Host: We are back after the short commercial with again....Mr. Tete.

Tete: Its me again...

Host: Well, a few more questions before you go... What is the last thing you did for 2008?

Tete: Good question...if you all missed the commercial just now, let me brief you through what happened. We (Jack, Mao, Gou and me) bought ourselves movie ticket to Bedtime Stories which will was aired at 12.15am earlier so at 12 we rushed to the cinema in Jack's car. It was new year so I thought of being a little crazy...We opened the car windows and shouted "Happy New Year!" before we depart, shouted again "Happy New Year!" at motorist on the streets, shouted "Happy New Year!" to the people at Kuning (a makan stall), shouted "Happy New Year!" yet again when passing by a mamak stall, and because of the traffic congestion, parked the car at Jusco and ran quite a distance then crossed a big road to our destination. Went up a stair just to find that the door at the top leading to the shopping complex was already locked, ran down and went for the lift instead, bought ourselves drinks and popcorns and went into the cinema.

Host: Whoa...crazy nite eh...So did you guys made it in time for the movie?

Tete: We went in puff-ing like we just ran a 100m race (actually we did, just that it wasnt a race and it wasnt 100m) to our seats and the movie started already. I did get a call from my mom wishing me Happy New Year though...

Host: Awww....So what was the first thing you did for 2009?

Tete: Drank Coke and laugh my ass off watching the movie. For those who are planning to watch the movie Bedtime Stories, look out for Bugsy. You will definitely not miss him! Too bad for my housemate, there wasnt any Chinese subtitle, so he didnt really enjoyed the movie...Mostly the movie relates to the children games and songs. If you are English educated during pre-school then you will be able to follow the movie completely but dont worry for people who are not. Its just a part of the movie. I guarantee you, you will enjoy it...Damn Bugsy...LoL

Host: I see you have a good time. Well I guess that's it. Before we go off, can we take a picture of you for rememberance?

Tete: Of course, it's my pleasure. Who would deny free publicity?

HAPPY 2009!

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