Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Very weird dreams

Lets get straight to the dreams...

First, the setting was in my secondary school's field although the terrain is a bit different. There was this girl in my dream which I was quite surprised she is inside it (not going to name her). We sat on one of the steps to the field and was watching football (soccer, not the rugby type). Couldnt remember what we chat about or whether we even chat...Then we lie down on the steps chatting again...Then suddenly I asked her whether she wants to play Ping Pong (table tennis)...What the hell? Why I said table tennis? I am not sure myself. So we went up to the block passing the Bio labs and to the Sports Storeroom. The door was open and as we approach it, the teacher in charge was just locking up. I asked her for permission to borrow the equipments and she said yes...only if you are a member of the Ping Pong club...swt...change of plans. Not sure who suggested to go to the library but she asked me to wait for her there. I went there and while waiting...jump to the second dream.

Second, it was something about Star Wars. I am not sure how to describe because I am like not there but viewing from a third person point of view. Something about a train almost falling from a cliff. Below the cliff got a village where many warriors gather. Some plan on slaughtering everybody in the village...and DARTH VADER is back (the final episode he died). Followed somebody run here and there...then got this whole strecth of action figures (toys)....then jump to third dream.

Third, in some dungeon or something like that. The wall are made out of soil and the only light illuminating the place are from torches. The mission in this dream is to steal the two Devine Rapiers from the enemy (Divine Rapier is an item from a game called DOTA. Last night, I played Dota and got whooped by the enemy with 3 Divine Rapiers). In the end the enemy realised what I was trying to do and....jump to the fourth and final dream.

Fourth, the setting is in my house on the second floor. I suddenly felt pain coming from my jaw and I felt one of my tooth shaking. When I tried to close my mouth, I couldnt close it completely because the tooth is longer than the rest. I touched it again and it dropped...I tried to close my mouth again but still couldnt. This time it was my wisdom tooth that is hurting (I dont have my wisdom tooth yet), I touched it and it also came off. So far only this two teeth I remember pulling out but suddenly both my hands are full with teeth...I went and wash it (when I was small whenever my tooth dropped, I will wash it). A tooth fell from my hand and nearly went down the sink but I quickly stopped it and retrieve it back...the end!


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