Saturday, January 17, 2009

Second time in Sunway Pyramid (wtf...Lagoon is just beside it)

Yesterday i went to pyramid to hangkai with klang-kias (Jack and Ravi). Supposedly I can take ktm right up to Subang Jaya then my friend can pick me up from there. Somehow, I have no idea why, I set my mind to, "I MUST CHANGE TO LRT AT KL SENTRAL". So I bought a two way ticket to sentral. At sentral, I switch to LRT and ask how to get to Sunway. The guy asked me to take the LRT to Kelana Jaya. So I took it and when I reached Kelana Jaya I didnt know what to do so I called up my friend. He said how come got Kelana Jaya, it should be a station named Subang Jaya or something with Subang. I was like HOLY SHIT! Then where the hell am I? Then my other friend ask me to take a the LRT back and change back to KTM then go to Subang. I look here and there then thought of what the guy said just now. Impossible he ask me to go to Kelana Jaya if I cant reach Sunway this way. I look around and noticed some busses. I went across the road using the flyover to check the bus route. Oh! there is a bus to Sunway...but it is across the road. So, I climbed the flyover again and searched for the bus and yeah, I managed to find it. It took me about 10 mins to reach Pyramid. Luckily I didnt sit the LRT all the way back to Sentral and sit another train to Subang Jaya....

This is what I had for lunch!

Walk here walk there, all I see was girl's stuff...ended up not buying any New Year clothes...We watched Outlander also yesterday. Overall the movie is just okay okay...nothing very great nothing very suck-y.

Before going home we went for steamboat buffet at this one corner shop. This is the second time I came here...the only way to describe it is, It is as full as always.

Papa squid and baby squid xD

Then go some unpleasant things happened today but I decided to ignore it and not blog about it.

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