Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year I welcome you with open arms

Today was the last day of my last paper for this finals.

The paper consists of theory and calculations. For the theory part I bullshit-ted quite a lot xD

But of course bullshit-ted with some sense.

National Service has really taken away my study momentum. It's like I don't know how to study anymore. Last semester was worse, this semester I guess I am starting to grasp my way of studying again. No wonder people try to avoid NS after starting tertiary education. My advice to others is best to finish what you started and not delaying it. But definitely it is not always possible to do that, that's why I say best.

After my last paper, I finished the manga I started one week before the finals, Slam dunk. I didnt actually start from the beginning cause basically I know the story already from watching the anime, it's just that the anime stopped half way. Comments? Great work altogether! Very interesting.

At 5.30pm, doggy-kia (gou), mong-kia, and me went to campus football field for a jog. It's been awhile since I last did any exercise and flat tires are starting to build around my tummy area. I jogged for 7 laps non-stop and pancit...then walked half a lap then continued for 3 more laps and pancit again (wonder if there is any word in English for pancit). Looks like my stamina dropped quite drastically and I can feel extra flesh bouncing up and down while I was jogging. Ish...
For this sem break I already have things planned for me to do as well as things I plan to do. Everytime it's like this but in the end, I never manage to finish it all.

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EuEu said...

Closest I know would be fatigue. Thx for da wish!

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