Monday, October 13, 2008

Gathering (MidValley)

Yesterday, there was a gathering supposedly for girls only but I ngeh ngeh want to go. Haha...
Yen Ling invited me so I just went.
There was only 4 of us there; me, Yen Ling, Sook Hiong and her friend Lucy.
It was nice being able to see them.
Sook Hiong is still very lively while Yen Ling is still to the quiet type.
Lucy, first time meeting her XD

We watched a movie called "Flight of The Living Dead". By the title only you can guess that it is a zombie movie. This year I have watched many zombie movies...What I expected was blood, biting, disgusting scenes and of course parts that scares...well, me...of my chair. Story line wise...nothing interesting but being trapped in a plane with zombies...DAMN...
The scary scenes where zombies pop out from the screen was not very scary, there are scary parts but not many. The first half was quite boring...nearly slept. Until the zombie starts infecting more people and there is more zombies then the movie starts to kick up. Not forgetting there are also sarcastic scenes. The movie didnt manage to make me shout even when I am not holding my the rating for scary-ness, I consider low.

Not bad having gathering like this cause eventhough it was only the four of us (3 from NS), while chatting, I get updates about others too (well from Sook Hiong of course, XD).


Jackson said...

oh mi gosh you know how to use the word 'ngeh ngeh'!!! hahahahaha
and LOL you really need to thank me and Tat for making the movie scariness rating low for you!! Because we trained you that way!!
And way to go feeder Lina XD

Tete said...

Haih...boring already cause I need more scary stuff to make me shout...What mood to play already...eyes pain already...then my comp lag lag abit...sien...maybe want to stop dota...MAYBE

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